Get Back “Second Gear” Showroom announcement in Litchfield Magazine

Get Back “Second Gear” Showroom announcement in Litchfield Magazine

Litchfield Magazine gave us a nice “Shout Out” in their May/June issue. Come May 5th, we are opening a new location at 7 Fulling Lane in the distinctive Kent Barns enclave of Kent, CT. This new “second gear” outpost will be a homecoming of sorts—reconnecting Kent to its rich early history of iron production.

Pictured below, the Kent Iron Furnace is a 30-foot-high structure used for the production of pig iron between 1825 and 1892. The upper Housatonic River Valley was a major producer of iron in the nation. In service, the wood building was constructed above the furnace for loading charcoal, iron ore, and limestone. It took roughly 138 bushels of charcoal, 2,612 pounds of iron ore, and 432 pounds of limestone flux to make one ton of pig iron. The furnaces operated all day, every day—in 1870 it was reported that the Kent delivered 50 tons of pig iron in a week. Much of the iron was used in the production of car wheels for the burgeoning railroad industry.

Kent Iron Furnace—Kent, CT—U.S. National Register of Historic Places

A rendering of how the furnace would have appeared in operation.