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Branded Seats Bar Stools Promotional Marketing

Help To Leave A Very-Memorable-Impression

These Are Our Hottest Selling Seats!

Recognized as… “One of the best (on-premise, semi-permanent promotional) products; they have a real power to Pull-You-In, with an obvious draw & then a great reward, both of which have helped to create that truly unique dining-experience for us. We couldn’t be more pleased, we’re now seeing an increase in customers & even-happier patrons!”  -Owner/Partner The 35North Restaurant & Bar

These seats are more than just conversation starters… they’re valuable pieces of real-estate and deserving of their recognition. They are seats that beckon to be considered special. To be claimed as “Mine” (just like famous character Norm had done for decades with HIS own favorite, designated seat in the hit TV series Cheers, his classic one liner… “I sit there!”). Create the demand at your local brewery or eatery. Make the end of your counter or bar THE prime location. You can now have your own unique messaging, logo or whatever captivating graphics you want on the seats your patrons will be calling out for. These are destined to be the most sought after seats. Seats that will help your place stand-out & stand-apart from the all the other “norms” in the area. Truly, there’s no competition to your own Get-Back Original Swing-out Seat.

Your logo is laser-etched into the top of the seat, reminiscent of the old brand-markings distillers would burn-into the tops of “their” wooden-whiskey barrels. These graphics are then covered with a sealant, so they’re protected and they’ll last as long as you want them to. They are laser-engraved (also referred to as laser-etching) in one color, black. Special orders can be done in multiple colors, however this is at a premium rate, using a different technology, resulting in quite a different look (in our mind, full color is not as subtle & classy).

The Get-Back Branded Swing-out Seats will help to enhance the look, feel & mood, at any great local establishment, just like yours!

Leave Your-Mark With Better-Seats For Your Better-Customers

“These seats work really well if you want to create a more-unique dining experience for your customers & a longer-lasting competitive edge with your competitors!”

Successful in saloons, pubs, taverns, kitchen & craft-brew houses, wineries & beer-gardens, restaurant-chains & specialty-eateries, BBQ pits & wild-wing joints, computer-cafe’s, coffee-houses… & so many more great locations.