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Furniture & Lighting

Industrial Furniture & Lighting - Bespoke & Original

For the best in modern industrial designs and vintage industrial aesthetics, antiques, remnants & relics.

We invite you all to peruse our collections, they are always growing and evolving. Some are more stunning than others, all are authentic and all are original. Every design piece starts with some sort of unusual, unexpected salvaged part, so that (when used in the décor, lighting or furniture piece) it can help to hint-at, pay tribute-to, and serve as, a unique memoir of times-past. A moment in time when the workmanship was incredibly demanding, often very-rough and very-tough. Because of this, the trades, professions and crafts were all able to produce unbelievable works of artistry. A lot of which still remains (if you know where to look).

These are relics of the working industries, that today still hold an aura of attraction, and at times, even a captivation. Perhaps, some of this allure, is due to the relic’s “reversal of fortune”, it’s recovery and potential revival. Whereas each piece was destined to be forgotten, yet because of its inherent beauty and resilience, or it’s forte’, it’s been pulled from a certain plight of destitution or even demolition, and now… with some loving care and a lot of skilled craftsmanship, its untapped potential for greatness can now be recognized. Pulled from retirement and put to-use. Herein, lies the originality behind every piece. Redesigned, to re-work and with a purpose.

Perhaps you have bellied up to a salad bar at a Whole Foods while sitting on one of our patented vintage industrial Swing-Out Seats made from premium ductile cast iron. Maybe you have eaten a slice at one of The Original Swing-Out-Seat Tables inside of Pizza East in Shoreditch, London, or seen your favorite author sitting at one of our custom tables for a book signing at (Marc Jaobs’ stores) Bookmarc in New York, Tokyo, or Paris. It’s entirely possible you’ve read that favorite author cozied up under the soft light of our industrial goose-neck lamp in a room at The Gramercy Park Hotel. Why envy Meg Ryan pictured in Architectural Digest with our Industrial Great Table in her SoHo apartment when we can build one just for you? We are eager to work with you to develop the right piece for your space. The items on this page reflect a sampling of what we have to offer, please Contact Us with any requests you can dream up!