Industrial Lighting by Get Back, Inc. All of our products are made in America from the highest quality materials and built with superior craftsmanship. When we opened our doors eighteen years ago, our mission was to re-purpose our finds into authentic Industrial Lighting & Functional Art. Reading by the soft glow of an Edison bulb from our Industrial lighting fixtures is beyond practical, it’s an experience. Rewarding not just for the quality of light, but for the rugged, grounded form an industrial lamp holds—imbued with the essence of lasting design. Whether you are adjusting one of our rare examples of O.C. White lighting or one of our custom pieces that grace the rooms of the Gramercy Park Hotel, you will take note of the industrial difference. Or take our airplane-truss chandelier featured in Elle Decor, it captures the spirit of industrial design and marries it with a mid-century modern aesthetic. We are always finding and conceiving new one-of-a-kind treasures to share, so please let us know how we can help with your vision. The items on this page reflect a sampling of what we have to offer, please Contact Us with any requests you can dream up!