Industrial Shelving & Storage by Get Back, Inc. All of our products are made in America from the highest quality materials and built with superior craftsmanship. When we opened our doors eighteen years ago, our mission was to create authentic industrial furniture and lighting to last a lifetime. Our patented Industrial Shelving System & Swing-Out-Seat Islands were chosen by Tile America to transform their Connecticut showrooms into a museum of taste and tile. Why have a bar cart when you can keep drinks and conversation flowing with a three-tiered machinist’s table on industrial castors as a bar cart? Imagine an actual apothecary cabinet, a genuine Hamilton multi-drawer flat file that served the letterpress industry, or a distressed (from use) glass and steel medical cabinet with cabriole legs gracing your home or workspace. The items on this page reflect a sampling of what we have to offer, please Contact Us with any requests you can dream up!

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    bar-cart-vintage-industrial-rolling-table-iron-wood-getbackinc-main Get Back Bar Cart
    Industrial Bar Cart - rolling two-tier cart on castors. Made of wood, steel, cast iron. Shelf heights are 8 1/4" and 24". Distressed red paint. Height — 30 1/2" Width — 33 1/4" Depth — 21"
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    Rolling Retail Garment Rack Rolling Retail Garment Rack
    Industrial Garment Rack on castors. Features cast iron brackets, castors, steel poles, and roughsawn pine shelves. Can be made to your specifications.
  • Modular Storage System Modular Storage System
    Custom modular shelving system as shown includes ten 8″ shelves, three beams, two top mounting bars, two bottom mounting bars, six adjustable wall mounting brackets, and ten shelf rests. The mounting brackets install with two screws each into a variety of materials. The wall or surface does not need to be level as the depth can be adjusted for each bracket. The entire system can easily be broken down, moved, and upgraded / reconfigured. Holes are drilled every 30mm throughout the wooden beams to provide multiple options for shelf and pole heights. Options include: Poles for hanging clothing, and shelves in the following depths: 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″. Beams are Douglas Fir, shelves are 1″ thick top quality lacquered European maple multi-plywood. Poles, clips, and support bars are powder coated. System patented by Get Back, Inc. Dimensions – 90″ H x 101 1/2″ W x 8″ D (Beams are 8″ in depth, however with the mounting bracket total depth can be 10″ – 16″)
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    Custom Rolling Industrial Shelving Custom Rolling Industrial Shelving
    Get Back Original industrial shelves on 6" Casters. Shelf heights are 5 1/2″, 22 1/2″ and 40″ Top shelf is 57 1/2”. (Quantities and customizing are available.)
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    Get Back Original Industrial Shelving Get Back Original Industrial Shelving
    Get Back Original wood & pipe shelving. Shelves are 36″ x 12″. Average space between shelves is approximately 15”. (Quantities and customizing are available.)
  • Industrial Steel Side Table Vintage Industrial Steel Cabinet
    Authentic vintage steel riveted cabinet made by Textile Machine Works in Reading PA. One of a pair we have available. Measures 25 1/8" in width, 25 1/8" in depth (25 1/4" with knob) and 31" in height.
  • Distressed Industrial Bar Cart Steel Textile Machine Works Riveted Rolling Cabinet
    Authentic vintage steel riveted cabinet made by Textile Machine Works in Reading PA. One of a pair we have available. Measures 24 3/8" in width, 24" in depth (26 1/2" with knob and wheels) and 31" in height. Front wheel features a braking mechanism to lock the cart in place.
  • Authentic Cleveland Twist Drill oak machinist's cabinet used for storing drill bits and parts. Features brass hardware, 46 drawers, 52 cubby holes, oak drawer pulls, original reference charts on top inside doors. Has been lightly cleaned to preserve the original condition. A stunning example of this 1940s heirloom piece. A perfect repurposed industrial style apothecary cabinet. Overall measurements - 81 1/2" in height, 48 1/2" in width, 22" in depth Top section measures 44" in height, 37" in width, 15 3/4" in depth Top four rows of drawers - each one has a divider in the center - compartments measure 5 1/2" in depth, 3 1/4" in width, and 2" in height. Next two rows of drawers - each one has a divider - front compartments measure 6 1/4" in depth, 4 3/4" in width, 2" in height - back compartments measure 4 3/4" in depth, 4 3/4" in width, 2" in height First row of cubby holes - depth is pitched from 6 3/4" on the left side and goes to 9" on the right side. The width ranges from 4 3/4" - 9 1/2", and the height measures 5". Second row of cubby holes - depth is pitched from 9 1/4" on the left side and goes to 10 1/4" on the right side. The width ranges from 2 1/4" - 6 1/2", and the height measures 5". Third row of cubby holes - The width ranges from 3 3/4" - 6 1/4", depth measures 13 1/2" and the height measures 5" The two drawers are comprised of ten compartments each measuring 6 1/4" in depth, 2 3/4" in width, 3 1/4" in height. Bottom section measures 37 1/4" in height, 48 1/2" in width, 22" in depth The usable space on the ledge measures 6" x 48" Cubby holes each measure 6" in width, 5 1/2" in height, 19 3/4" in depth
  • Vintage industrial authentic American hardware store nut and bolt revolving display / apothecary cabinet. Features 104 drawers, 80 in the top section and 24 in the bottom section. Top unit revolves smoothly and every drawer is fully functional. Overall dimensions are 30 1/2" x 30 1/2" x 64 3/4". Top section measures 28 1/2" x 28 1/2" x 45" in height. Bottom section measures 30 1/2" x 30 1/2" x 19 1/2" in height. We would date this 1895-1910.
  • 4-section, Globe Wernicke Barrister lawyers bookcase. In original gray paint with original glass. Very good condition with slight wear. Dimensions: Overall width 33.125", overall height 71.625", overall depth 13", leg height 6", inside shelf width 31", inside shelf height 12.625", inside shelf depth 12.25".
  • Vintage Bindery Cart Vintage Rolling Printers Cart
    Wood and steel printer’s cart on castors. Shelves are seated at 8 1/4" and 32" in height. Inside usable space is 38 1/4" in width and 25 3/4" in depth. Height — 54″ Width — 40 1/2″ Depth — 27 1/2″
  • Ball-Jointed Pipe Shelving Ball-Jointed Pipe Shelving
    Vintage industrial bubble-jointed pipe shelving unit. Height — 59" Width — 104" Depth — 17"
  • Vintage Industrial Glass and Metal Drawer Unit Vintage Industrial Glass Drawer Cabinet
    Vintage industrial glass front drawer storage cabinet. One small 1/2" chip to middle of top drawer. Measures 25" in width, 20 1/8" in depth and 46" in height. Inside drawers measure 23 1/2" in width, 19 1/2" in depth and 3 3/4" in height.
  • Heston & Anderson TV Mount Heston & Anderson TV Mount
    Cast Iron H & A TV Mount. Tilt angle of the mount is adjustable. Features wooden tray for media components. Length — 15″ Width — 22.5″ Height — 38″
  • Vintage industrial printers marble-top workstation counter. Storage parts cabinet. Kitchen Island. Store display. Dimensions: Height-38.125", Width-63.5", Depth-40.25".
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    Industrial Modern Sofa Table Industrial Modern Sofa Table
    Wood and steel industrial bench, sofa table, or shelving unit. Top measures 48" x 14". Shelf measures 40" x 11" x 9 1/8". Length — 48" Height — 24 1/4" Depth — 18"
  • Vintage industrial multi drawer oak factory cabinet. Dimensions: Height-34.75", Width-31.5", Depth-23.5".
  • Vintage industrial wooden multi drawer workbench.  Dimensions: Height-32.875", Width-43.25", Depth-30.125".
  • Vintage industrial low steel top cart/table. Dimensions: Height-25.5", Width-30.75", Depth-25".
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    Jumbo Sideboard Shelving Jumbo Sideboard Shelving
    Oversize cast-iron and steel sideboard shelving. Can be used as work table, work station, prep station, or culinary island. Shelf measures 138″ x 14″. Bottom shelf is 9 1/2" from floor. Length — 144" Width — 24" Height — 34 3/4"
  • Original printers typeset cabinet, reconfigured to act as Hostess station or lectern. All original condition with normal wear commensurate with age. Additional typeset trays available for this unit. Dimensions: overall width 27.5", overall height 49.375", overall depth 19.375".
  • primitive storage rack primitive storage rack
    Primitive industrial stock rack with original paint and storage pegs on front and back. Height — 77" Width — 26" Depth — 23"
  • Vintage industrial rolling steel bar cart, one of a kind.  Dimensions: Height-32.875", Width-45.375", Depth-21".
  • Vintage industrial factory shoe cart. Similar cart also available. Dimensions: Height-51.75", Width-29.375", Depth-16.75".
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    Three-Tier Table Three-Tier Table
    Three-tier adjustable factory table. Features cast-iron feet and steel shelves, the bottom two are height-adjustable.
  • 5-drawer industrial cabinet. Dimensions: Overall width 26.625", overall height 26.625", overall depth 18.25", inside drawer width 22.5", inside drawer height 3", inside drawer depth 15.375".
  • Vintage industrial Moore tool mahogany cabinet.  Dimensions: Height-44", Width-48.875", Depth-19".
  • Old industrial cast iron top printers worktable/cabinet by The Tubbs Mfg. Co.  Dimensions: Height-35.625", Width-66.125", Depth-45.625".
  • Authentic antique distressed metal and glass doctor's / medical / vitrine cabinet with cabriole legs and two glass shelves. Vintage steel / glass / cast iron storage cabinet is from the 1920s and all original. Cabinet measures 52 1/2" in height, 23" in width, and 18 3/4" in depth. Top case measures 20 1/4" in width and 16 1/2" in depth. Bottom shelf measures 20" in width, 16" in depth and stands 9 1/2" tall.
  • Vintage industrial oak factory cabinet. Dimensions: Height-37", Width-34", Depth-24.625".
  • Primitive industrial wooden factory multi drawer cabinet.  Dimensions: Height-60.875", Width-20.5", Depth-17.5".
  • Vintage Industrial distressed green steel cabinet.  Dimensions: Height-51.875", Width-21.5", Depth-25.875".
  • Vintage industrial multi drawer steel cabinet/cart. By Office Bank & Liberty Co.  Dimensions: Height-35.125", Width-61.5", Depth-26.625".
  • Authentic vintage industrial jewelers / machinists / apothecary storage cabinet. Beautifully aged oak wood cabinet with worn chromed steel handles. Cabinet is finished and paneled all the way around and features fourteen drawers, each with three compartments. Overall dimensions measure 32 1/4" in height, 19 1/4" in depth and 25 3/4" in width. Each drawer compartment measures 15 3/4" x 6 3/4" in width x 1 1/2" in height. Three compartments per drawer.
  • Vintage 3-tier white medical stand/bar cart on wheels. Dimensions: Height-34", Width-21", Depth-16.5".
  • Vintage 3-tier white medical stand/bar cart on wheels. Also available, matching wider stand. Dimensions: Height-34", Width-16.875", Depth-14.625".
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    Cast-Iron and Walnut Pagoda Shelving
    Industrial cast iron and walnut media center console. Bottom shelf measures 69″ x 18″ with a height of 7 1/2″. Top shelf measures 69″ x 12″ with a height of 27 3/4″. Length — 72 1/2" Width — 22 3/4″ Height — 36 1/2″