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Industrial Swing-out-Seat Restaurant Dining Table

Your Industrial Swing-Out-Seat Dining Table features cast-iron Get Back Original swing-out seats, custom welded & powder-coated steel pedestals, and your choice of materials. These custom one-of-a-kind tables are hand-built for you, to your specifications.  Sizes start at 4′ in length for a 4-seater, and increase by two feet every two seats. So a 24-seater is 24′ in length. There are technically no size limits, and tables can be made to discreetly clip together. Depth and height are also made to spec, pub-height version with foot-rails are an option, and even a single sided table to attach to a wall for a bar. The only limit is Your imagination. We have made tops out of stainless steel, both polished and left in the raw state. Glass tops have been used, and many wood types including our reclaimed pine, walnut, oak, douglas fir…

– Your Choice of Top Quality Materials

– Built to Your Specifications

– Lifetime Lasting with Easy Upkeep

– An Interactive Dining Experience

We Await Your Vision. Click the Inquiry Button to Begin

SKU: DE-4158

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DE-4158 DE4158