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TOSOS® Rustic-Industrial Style Restaurant-Dining Table (with Distressed-Pine Top, Douglas-Fir Beam & Alder Seats)

Medium-size rustic & industrial-style table ideal for restaurants & bars, any where comfortable seating (for large groups) is needed. This rustic, rugged, beautiful dining table provides the perfect seating solution for areas where saving space and / or maximizing the flow of traffic are real factors. The tuck-away design is a key design feature. Each Swing-out Seat provides for a more intimate experience as the seat moves with the body, positioning you to the perfect spot. With the strength to withstand in excess of a thousand pounds per seat, the stability and quality can be felt & seen throughout. This larger 8 seat table is  popular, however each table is built-to-suit. Options include not only the number of seats, but also the table height, foot rail, choice of materials -oak, pine, poplar, walnut / IPE, reclaimed, steel, glass (or whatever materials you choose). The table can be fabricated continuous or contiguous. This is a stronger, safer, bolder, better-lasting, smarter option, compared to traditional wooden and / or standard metal tables. This table and chair combo / set is not only a smart, functional design solution, but it’s also a great historical piece, meaning a piece with real American history to it. It’s a real heritage piece, one that’s sure to turn a lot more than just seats and heads.  This product comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on all of the cast iron parts. Every table can be ordered as is, or custom-ordered so you can decide on the final choice of wood and finish yourself. Seat covers & cushions, as well as custom engraved / etching into the wood (seat tops) for on-premise branding, also available. All additional options are estimated at time of purchase.
SKU: TS-4158.PF8D.of

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The Original Swing-out Seat Product Line

TOSOS® Commercial Furniture -By Get Back Inc.


This is a medium size, rustic / industrial-style table, ideal for restaurant, pub, bar dining, any where that seating for large groups is common. With it’s distressed Pine top, Douglas-Fir beam and Alder seats, this is a very versatile table, with a look & feel to fit almost any setting (rural country to modern industrial to urban chic) . With the unique Swing-out seat design, reminiscent of the cafeteria-style tables found in early-20th-century schools & factories, one can save space in style! This table is sand cast with premium ductile iron and premium hand-selected solid oak. This versatile heritage piece lies at the heart of the industrial-modern aesthetic for American furniture design. Add this functional, sturdy, beautiful table into your vision for a modern country kitchen, cool local café or regional craft-brewery. This is a great alternative-seating solution for commercial projects where quality, service, comfort and space are all important factors. This table can be seen in fine establishments, (bars & restaurants) all over the world.


Customers can choose from:
– Size, top height, depth, length
– Material, oak, walnut, steel, maple, reclaimed…
– Number of seats – Dining, bar or counter height
– Single sided seats or both sides
– Outdoor version available in IPE
– Black or Gray hardware available (custom colors can also be done)
– Seats are also available to purchase separately
– Seat covers & cushions are also available
– Custom laser-engraved etching on top of the wood seats
         (commercial installations -memorable on-premise brand marketing)
– Please inquire for all options & your custom quote

Key Features:

  • Seat Tuck-under Design = 24” Saved-space
  • Stress Tested To Hold 1k.Lbs+ (w/ No Sway)
  • Ideal Positioning – 1 Seat For Every 24″
  • Seat Swings-out 170 Degrees (Enabling Easier Access & More Flexible Positioning)
  • Adjustable Setscrew To Control Distance (For Greater Comfort & Safety)
  • Predrilled To Allow For Easy Bolting To The Ground (For Greater Comfort & Safety)


  • Cast-Iron Seat Assemblies & Steel Fabricated Pedestals (All Painted Satin Black)
  • Distressed Pine Table Top, Douglas Fir Center-Beam & 8 Alder Seats (Golden Oak Wood Finish)


Length — 96″

Depth — 30″

Height — 30″

Seats Collapsed-under — 30″

Seats Extended-out — 60″

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Product SKU: TS-4158.PF8D.of

Better-Looking & Better-Lasting

(compared to traditional dining)


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