The Industrial Swing-Out-Seat Outdoor Dining Table Set

The Industrial Swing-Out-Seat Outdoor Dining Table Set


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The Get Back Outdoor Industrial Dining Table. Taking our Swing out Seats a step beyond their usual bar and kitchen counter duties, Tim Byrne, founder of Get Back, Inc. combined them with powder-coated steel pedestal bases and Ipé seats and slats to create a weather resistant revival of America’s classic picnic table. Each Swing out Seat provides a warm interactive experience as it moves with the body, positioning you to the perfect spot. With the strength to withstand in excess of a thousand pounds per seat, and the ability to be bolted to the ground, the stability and quality can be felt and seen throughout.

Ipé, a walnut wood species from Brazil, was chosen as it is three times harder than cedar and twice the density of standard pressure-treated wood, stays cool to the touch because it does not retain heat thanks to the properties of the wood. Ipé can last over 75 years with proper care and is sustainably harvested, and naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. Paired with baked acrylic enamel cast-iron arms, and matched powder-coated steel pedestal bases, the Industrial Swing-Out-Seat Table will last a lifetime. Available in a variety of indoor and outdoor finishes, starting at 4 seats and increasing in increments of two. Multiple table sets can also be linked together.

The Get Back, Inc Swing out Seat Table. The Art of Industrial.


The Get Back Outdoor Industrial Dining Table. TA-SOSIPE8 TASOSIPE8 TA-SOSIPE TASOSIPE

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