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Tall Industrial-Style Pub Table with aged pine table-top

This 8-person industrial-style pub table is a beauty! With a rough, aged pine table top, set at bar/pub height, with lower foot-rails on each side & all cast-iron & wood seats, this is the perfect all-American restaurant / bar table. Can be custom made to different lengths and with different species of wood / finishes (or a even stainless steel top). This is a very unique and very-industrial-style table. Featured in restaurants & bars all over the world. One of our most popular (tall & long commercial) tables. Ideal for any social eatery or local “watering hole”, really any venue looking for something that stands-out and that will truly last (comes with a lifetime guarantee). Very popular in the local craft-brew pub, the country tavern, the mountain saloon, the ski-bars, the regional breweries & the classic country kitchens. Perfect for those who want the rugged-industrial, all-American-country look & feel. Designed to be taller, they’re often larger & longer than our other style Swing-out Seat tables. Ideal for places that want the best use of the space and who want the best money-saving solution on the market. Never buy/replace another broken chair, or stack another barstool (for closing & clean-up). This is the smarter, stronger, safer, better-looking & better-lasting alternative seating & dining solution, (better when compared to your typical, standard traditional, seating & dining options). These unique Swing-out Seat Tables provide a better, more-memorable dining experience for your friends, neighbors, patrons. Length—96″ Width—36″ Height—42″
SKU: TA-5055

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The Original Swing-out Seat (TOSOS®) Line of Commercial Tables -By Get Back Inc.

Tall Industrial Style Pub Table Medium size-8 seater, bar-height, with aged-pine (rough-hewn) table top

A rugged & rustic, raw / natural, aged-pine (rough-hewn) table-top. Set higher than a traditional dining table,  at bar/pub-height 42″. Features two 96″ long metal-pipe foot-rails (allows for greater comfort & rest when sitting); with 8 cast-iron & wood Original Swing-out Seats. Can be custom made to different lengths, with different species of wood / finishes; or for those who desire a stronger, more-industrial-style, this table can be custom-made with an all stainless-steel top as well.


Product SKU – TA-5055

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