The Get Back Original Swing-Out Stool

Designed, Cast, and Crafted in the USA

Tim Byrne, Founder and Designer at Get Back Inc, rediscovered the Swing-Out Stool at an abandoned Philadephia Public School.


Realizing the iconic design and craftsmanship, he recreated the seat in the Get Back workshop, adding flourishes of modern industrial design.


The Get Back Original Swing-Out Stool is an iconic piece of American industrial history, forgotten by many and rediscovered by few.

Every aspect of the Get Back Original Swing-Out Seat is created by American artisan craftsman. 


Originally designed by our Founder, casted in the USA, and assembled in Central Connecticut. 


The craftmanship behind the Get Back Swing-Away Seat represents the values of America’s industrial age, striking design and immalleable strength.

Swing out Seat Finished Mahogany

The Get Back Original Swing-Out Stool


An exquisite alternative to compact indoor and outdoor seating, the Get Back Original Swing-Out Seat can revitalize any home remodeling project with a modern industrial aesthetic.

A Poplar seat is available as a raw finish for custom staining. For outdoor projects, Mahogany, available finished or raw, and IPE (Brazilian Walnut) are available and recommended. We now also offer raw and finished oak as indoor options. Poplar, mahogany and oak measure 12″ x 1 1/4″ thick and the IPE measures 11″ x 1 1/2″ thick. The cast-iron assembly is available in Satin Black or Sterling Grey.

This versatile heritage piece lies at the heart of the industrial-modern aesthetic of American furniture. Please download the tear-sheet below to see the different wood species offered. Please contact us for custom requests and wholesale rates. 10-12 Week Lead Time.


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Redolent of the cafeteria tables found in early-20th-century schools and factories, The Get Back Original Swing-Out Seat is our hallmark product—proudly sand cast and made in America with premium ductile iron.

This versatile heritage piece lies at the heart of the industrial-modern aesthetic of American furniture. Build these distinctive wall-mounted stools into your vision for a man-cave bar or kitchen-island. Designers have found they are the perfect alternative-seating solution for their commercial projects like beer gardens, communal-dining restaurants, and coffeehouse cafes.

The 12” diameter poplar wood seat is left raw for you to finish to your taste, or the finished mahogany is available and recommended for outdoor installations. The cast-iron assembly is painted satin black. Our rule of thumb for spacing is “one seat every two feet.”

Stress tested in excess of 1,000 pounds.

Seat depth measures 12 1/2" when pushed in, 26" when swung out. Width including seat and bracket measures 24". Height from bottom of mounting plate to top of seat measures 10 3/4".

Spec sheet and Base plate mounting scan available upon request.

The Swing out Seat is also known as, or has been called: Suspended Swing Out Kitchen Stool, Space Saving Stool, Wrought Iron Stool, Swing Stools, Kitchen Island Stool, Floating Seat, Floating Stool, Vintage Island Stool attached to Island, Backless Island Stool. We Simply Refer to it as the Swing Out Seat.

Variations Outdoor mahogany seat available for a $50 up charge per seat. Please inquire about color options for cast iron arm.

SE-5000 SE5000


10 3/4"


27 lbs




12 1/2" – 26"

Seat Type

Raw Poplar, Raw Oak, Finished Oak, Finished Mahogany, Raw Mahogany, IPE

Arm Finish

Grey, Black