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The Wright Light – Vintage Aviation Chandelier


the wright light vintage aviation chandelier Introducing an exquisite, one-of-a-kind piece: this beautiful vintage aviation chandelier spans (almost) 8 feet across, constructed of 10 wooden trusses & 23 old-style, incandescent Edison bulbs (including 3 in the central cluster).  Custom-built by one of our Master-Craftsman. Hand-assembled, piece by piece in our workshop. Once tested & approved it is signed for release, then carefully disassembled and packed for safe & secure freight-delivery. All quality controlled from our facilities in Oakville, CT. As featured in Elle Décor Magazine in May 2017. Meticulously crafted to captivate your imagination. Inspired by the ingenuity of the early aviation pioneers, this unique masterpiece showcases an exquisite handcrafted wooden truss design. Paying tribute to the visionary spirit of two remarkable aeronautical enthusiasts, who were not only aircraft designers but also pioneering pilots turned industrialists, affectionately known as the “Birdmen.” These brothers pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible by man and material alone, leaving an indelible mark on U.S. aviation history. Prepare to be enchanted by this extraordinary light, its legacy will illuminate more than just your space. Ideal for airplane pilots, aircraft enthusiasts, skydiving aficionados, Veterans of our military (especially our Air Force), and / or passionate fans of our air & space history here in the U.S. The Wright Light …brilliant for anyone who has a love for flying!    
SKU: LI-9732

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the wright light vintage aviation chandelier


The Wright-Light Vintage Aviation Chandelier is a compelling testament to the enduring significance of great design and the timeless importance of real, genuine innovation. Whether your passion lies in the realms of aviation, aeronautics, or even automotive, you’ll find it well placed here. Hailing from a bygone era this unique design exudes an elegance of purity and purpose, seamlessly marrying form & function. It represents that era, an epoch of unrivaled ingenuity and true innovation in the history of the U.S., where boundaries were continuously pushed to ever-new heights. Every intricate detail of this exceptional piece serves as a reflection of that remarkable era.


When illuminated, this exquisite chandelier serves as a resolute reminder to those who gaze upon it of the unwavering dedication required to persevere and soar above the ordinary. Whether it is the structural design of the lightweight yet resilient wooden fuselage or the side-profile of the wings that showcase the intricate inner components and aerodynamic framing, that impresses you note that it is all done to perfection. All meticulously handcrafted and done with an unwavering, uncompromising commitment to excellence (not unlike like the Brothers who came before them). This “Labor of Love” takes two months to complete under the watchful guidance of a Master-Craftsman and a skilled team of assistants. Piece by piece, the chandelier is carefully assembled, ensuring every measurement is precise, every wire is properly-connected, and every cut is flawless. Just as the pioneers of aviation once understood, attention to detail was a matter of life and death. Today, it represents a quest for perfection, paying homage to their passion and their dedication, which not only created an entirely new industry, but it also changed the way we travel, work and even live. Embrace their spirit of ingenuity and their bravery to be the first at flight, as you bask in the warm glow of this timeless tribute to the brilliance of great design.


An extraordinary story-piece, the Wright-Light is sure to please. It is truly distinctive as either an accent piece or a focal piece, as it helps to seamlessly blend the vintage-industrial and modern industrial design themes. The intentional rawness and unfinished components of this light evoke a sense of authenticity, originality and character. When paired with a dimmer feature, the Wright Light bathes your space in a soft, natural, and breathtaking ambient light, exactly as one would envision. Depending upon the size of the space (ie. an airplane-hangar verses an estate-room), more than one chandelier may be required. These lights can serve as mere accents or they can effectively influence, claim or fill an entire space, with enough illumination to effortlessly work & play. Its subtle, slender, and seemingly weightless design exudes an undeniable allure, almost defying gravity and inviting your imagination to take flight. Aptly living up to its name, this cherished masterpiece now graces some fabulous places across the country, illuminating several fine homes of well-known actors/pilots and several very, impressive “barns” (these are not your average metal shelters, these are classy, well-designed, aviation hangars).


Prepare to be enchanted, this light casts so much more than just a mesmerizing glow or some beautiful radiant light, it leaves a truly indelible impression on all who encounter it, on all who experience its unique, imposing relevance and its unforgettable, and very-notable prominence. Just like the Wright-Brothers, the Wright-Light is truly, awe-inspiring. Brilliant for anyone who has a love for flying!

Dimensions: 93″ diameter x 16″ high

Materials: Glass, Metal, Raw, Natural Unfinished Pine & Birch Plywood