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The 30,000 square feet of old, rustic, work-space is designed around keeping our Designer-Showroom filled with the latest “original” vintage-industrial design collections, as well as our older lines of industrial design & décor products, and a lot of one-of-a-kind designs as well. And our warehouses are filled with all sorts of treasured-artifacts and fascinating-furnishing for the home or business, all pulled from our-shared history here in America. Each one, a modern, vintage-industrial design piece, with its own unique story to tell.

By literal definition, vintage-industrial means these are all relics of our past, now renewed, reused, made into more-modern, practical, purposeful, pieces of furniture, furnishings or lighting. Pieces that when complete, are often prized. Pieces, that by design, respect the craftsmen and their artistic talents, that honor the laborers and their passion for crafting these “Things that work, that last, that perform & that impress!” Quite simply put, the vintage-industrial style is rooted in our appreciation for reviving the remnants of our past, and complimenting the artisans of that industrial-era, all of whom helped to originally create these more-sought after, one-of-kind pieces, that we create, revere and curate here in our showroom today.

These are indiscriminately-aged pieces of industrial-art, each with its own “perfect-imperfections”. All of them are worn and weathered from age and work. Every piece has been used and some, even abused. As “Old-Eddie” (he’s the smiling, white-haired guy who’s always tinkering-around with stuff in the wood-shop), would say… “They’re certainly aged-to-perfection by Now, & that’s why they’re ripe for the picking”. Every piece is imbued with its own eccentric-personality, and each has its charm, or even an oddity, all its own. With an eye to the details, one can see the unique construction of each piece, or its natural “working” elements, or just its material beauty, and surmise at its preexisting-purpose or historical provenance, its importance. Which often begs the question of “Why, what, where, when and how was this once used? We hope you ask yourself the same kind of questions, as you take a ponder through our Showroom. If you would like a tour please do not hesitate to ask, the showroom is open during regular business hours five days a week, (we ask that you call for an appointment, it’s open on the weekends for group and individual tours as well, but again, only by appointment).

  • Vintage Hamilton Flat File Coffee Table

    Vintage Hamilton Flat File Coffee Table

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  • Ghost Light

    Ghost Light

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  • Vintage Carpenter's Workbench

    Vintage Carpenter’s Workbench

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  • Flat File Cabinet

    Antique Blueprint Style Cabinet

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  • Ghost light

    Ghost Light – SOLD

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  • Lectern / Restaurant Host Station

    Lectern / Restaurant Host Station

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  • Vintage Industrial Island / Bar Rolling Table

    Vintage Industrial Island / Bar Rolling Table

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  • Rolling Bar Cart

    Industrial Island / Bar Rolling Table

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  • Antique Printer's Turtle Table

    Antique Industrial Island / Bar Rolling Table

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  • Vintage Industrial Cabinet

    Vintage Industrial Cabinet

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  • Vintage Multi-Drawer Apothecary Cabinet

    Vintage Multi-Drawer Apothecary Cabinet

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  • 5 Toledo Stools Main

    Vintage Industrial Stools

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  • vintage trough sink

    Fully Functional Vintage Trough Sink

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  • Vintage Industrial Island / Bar / Table

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  • Industrial Console / Sofa Table

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  • Vintage Flat File Draftsman’s Cabinet

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