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Please take a look at the FAQ section of our site for some of the most common questions. For all other inquiries, please feel free to contact us 5 days a week, 9-5:00 EST, and weekends with appointments / events.

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Do you want to see the best? 

Do you want to know what that is? …or… 

What the difference is between being good & great, or being Better verses The Best? 

Below we asked our management to help answer some of these very questions. To help folks, those who are interested, learn more about… Why us? Why would one (you) work with Get Back Inc?

If you are a home-owner looking for that raw-beautiful, vintage-industrial, all-American style – we may just have the right piece for you. If you’re an interior designer who wants specific materials, measurements or costs, we would love to help. We will work with anyone who appreciates great design. We have been one of the premier purveyors of the vintage-industrial style of furniture, furnishings & lighting here in America for several decades now. Providing only the best (in design, workmanship & quality) to many of the finest homes and businesses, not just here in the US but around the world. We have been quite fortunate, helping to serve many great clients over the years and some of them… well-known industry icons, influencers & insiders. We enjoy serving the folks who know quality, those who want the best and those who appreciate the vintage-industrial style of décor. 

Through-out the years we’ve been guided by many of our Founder-Tim’s original philosophies…

“When you build, craft or recreate, do so with love & care. Consider the smallest of details. Explore with purpose & grow-through every challenge. Learn to use the imperfections. Always help others to appreciate the labor, the craft, & the design. But be humble by nature and only celebrate the hard-work that was laid before you/us. 

If you want your work to stand-apart, to endure, to mean something, then remember to… “stay-true to you, your values & your character. Be authentically you… Because there’s no substitute in the market for those that are genuine, real. Originality is key. Passion is great but perseverance is better. So always, learn to love & grow, and never stop loving to learn”. 

This may all sound like some nonsense or a lot of fluff to some folks, but to us, remembering these & doing our best to adhere to them, has helped to prove their value. We do love what we do and the vintage-industrial style of design continues to be one of the most popular styles of design today. We’d like to think… it will continue to endure well into the future, for as long as folks appreciate our shared history and great design. Maintaining these important human connections to others & to our past is key. This is what makes being in the present so beautiful!

We hope you love what you see here. Know that if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, then you might find that “treasured piece” in either our Designer Showroom or in one of our workshops or warehouses. We have more than 30,000+ sq. ft. of space in the Old Pin Shop Factory. A 5 story historic landmark, built of brick back in 1729 as a gristmill, nestled on the Steele River just south of Pin-Shop Pond here in Oakville, CT. Today, the top floors are filled with some of the coolest finds anywhere in America, if not the world. They’re mostly one-of-kind, hand-crafted works-of-art (all restored & repurposed, remarkable pieces of furniture, furnishings & lighting) ready for you to peruse and purchase. Many are perfect, and ready to go while others can be reworked, to be custom-made to fit the measurements, environment that you need and want.

You will see, if you read our reviews, quite a few, very-well respected industry pros consider Get-Back as THE premier source for exquisite, original, vintage-industrial goods. We hope you will too. As one loyal customer once wrote… “Get-Back is ideal for folks with a discerning eye, for those who appreciate the most-distinctive of goods! Those want the best!”  Well, we welcome you to come in, please see for yourself. You be the judge.

We hope you can come experience the Vintage-Industrial difference. A difference based on… all authentic-American designs, all original parts, materials & craftsmanship, all key to protecting a piece’s true character & qualities, keeping them true to the period. Another real difference is, to us it’s all about showcasing each piece’s own unique provenance. This is it’s personal story-of-origin, with the wear, tear & purpose. These distinctions are what helps one to make the connections to our “working” past (history), perhaps even our shared culture, (all of which really depends on the specific piece & it’s original “roots”). To us & our clientele, this is a pedigree that you just can’t replicate or buy anywhere else. At Get-back there are no replicas or reproductions (not of someone else’s design). However, in the market today, there are quite a few knock-offs & imitations now. Which, we suppose is to be expected  as we were one of the very first shops in the industry to focus on the Vintage Industrial style of furniture. And yet today, after almost 25 years, we are still well-known for “Setting the Standard”. For being the Best, that is when it comes to the Original style of vintage-industrial designs (for mid 19th to early 20th century) American-made furnishings, furniture, lighting & home / office decor. We would love to work with you, and / or anyone that appreciates great design. 

Call us, or if you would like to visit us, we just ask that you call ahead, and ask for an appointment with one of our professionals. In advance, we thank you!