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One of the largest collections of modern industrial and vintage industrial seating, chairs, stools, barstools, captain’s chairs, desk chairs, kitchen table chairs …and so much more!

Industrial Seating by Get Back, Inc. All of our products are made in America from the highest quality materials and built with superior craftsmanship. When we opened our doors more than twenty years ago, our mission was to revitalize and re-purpose our finds into authentic Industrial Seating, Furnishings & Functional Art. Get-Back’s Original Swing-Out Seat, is by far, our most popular item. It has been redesigned, based upon the old classroom style, to extend-out even further and then, tuck-away better, with its unique curve design. It also has adjustable stopping points for safety and greater comfort. It is cast from premium ductile iron here in the U.S.A., so take no imitations. There have been a lot of knock-offs, but none as good in quality, styling or durability. This seat will hold over 1,200 pounds and will still swing effortlessly. These seats are perfect for high-traffic areas, where space and convenience are important.

You can find our vintage-industrial seating in places like retail environments like Whole Foods, as well as many fine restaurants and cafes, throughout the US, Canada, Europe and even as far away as Asia & Australia. These swinging seats are designed to turn a lot more than just folk’s heads. Then again, all of our industrial style seats, and our old commercial barstools, even our modern industrial desk chairs, they are all impressive and very-functional. Some of these seats are just a lot better, safer, and more-practical, than your traditional barstools.

In addition to our swing-out seat products, we have a carefully curated selection of seating solutions from factory stools and machinist health chairs to a library of authentic molded-plywood Toledo stools and chairs. The items on this page reflect a sampling of what we have to offer, please Contact Us with any requests you can dream up!