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Artifacts, antiques, relics, reclaimed remnants & repurposed machine-aged, urbanized, archeological goods… reworked to perfection.

Since 2000, Get Back Inc has been at the forefront of pioneering the vintage-industrial design movement, captivating interior designers, influencers & enthusiasts worldwide with exceptional creativity, craftsmanship and quality. Get Back has been providing high-end furniture & furnishings to those with an ardent desire for the best, for themselves & for their clients. Guided by the essence of industrial artistry, Get Back Inc remains dedicated to reimagining and repurposing the more-remarkable finds, the more extraordinary objects. Infusing them with a new creative vision, and transforming them into exceptional, functional works of Art. Considered by many as the Go-To Source for original décor pieces and one-of-a-kind vintage-industrial lighting, furniture and… industrial style artwork. Hence, The Art of

More than two decades ago, the artisan and visionary, Tim Byrne,  saw mid-century, modern American, industrial wares and rusty old relics, as truly untapped territory, with huge potential. What many in the (furniture & furnishings) space referred to as a new category in the industry (a new niche’ and a new aesthetic). So, he started to refer to his works of art, as a “vintage-industrial”. Based on this style, he founded and carefully built Get Back Inc. He describes it in two parts; the first, which starts with his own appreciation and desire for the rare, remarkable “heritage” pieces; and then secondly, his respect for the untold-story (which is inherent and distinctive to each piece, hence the term vintage) and his desire to share that, to celebrate it and to bring it to life again (through the redesign and reworking of the piece). Ever since then it has been his passion and it is now our commitment, to unearth the beauty in each of these exceptional items, and then to craft them and rework them into functional, enduring, exquisite furniture & furnishings. 

Everyday, our team of skilled craftsmen, woodworkers and artisans transform the old and the unique, into the more-modern and the more-remarkable. Making each reworked piece, unmistakably vintage-industrial. When it comes to this authentic-style, there are very few competitors. It is a very unique and very small niche (at the top), within the much larger high-end furniture & furnishing category. In this niche’ there is only one company with the distinctive title “The Original” (and that is Get Back Inc.). It is an honor that was bestowed upon on us. Given to us by the industry writers and critics, many, many years ago. Which we are truly grateful for, as it speaks to the Inspiration & impact that we’ve been able to provide, earn. Our reputation has been built-on what our clientele refers to as… an Exquisite-level of design, an Exceptional-level of quality & an Exclusive-level of service, (the later can be attributed to our very-discrete & often, very-private, “white-glove” approach to serving our clients, and at times their clientele). 

Through meticulous restoration and gritty ingenuity, we breathe new life into each piece, giving it a renewed purpose and significance that goes beyond ordinary. Regardless of the challenges we face, our true passion shines during the creative process – when we revive old relics and we explore various ways in which to bring a vitality, a reason, a way of being back into them. Reimagining a piece is always a matter of preference, critical to this is deciding on where to draw attention, either to a piece’s inherent structure, or to highlight its unique qualities, it’s beautiful imperfections, or to allude to its intriguing provenance.

We believe that directing the viewer’s focus is crucial not only to the final design but also to the restoration process itself. This requires a clear vision, and a broad base of experience from which to draw from (in order for it to be done “right”, or to be considered perfect, to be the best it can be). It is here, in the early stages where we work and rework a piece, when we are narrowing-down the options, discarding the years of wear and waste, when we begin to focus-in on each and every key detail, …because therein lies the real character; and when we are able to see, feel and learn the piece’s story. This is the rebirth, when we craft a real potential for what a piece can be, establishing a renewed purpose and more sought-after value once again. This is the essence of breathing-in new life.

After almost a quarter century it’s still the creative, industrious challenge that drives us the most, this is where our true passion lies, and our greatest successes originate. This discovery phase uncovers the essence of a piece and helps us determine how to reclaim, repurpose and reuse it. In its truest sense, this is the process of reworking a piece. When our work is complete, it should help to visibly enhance a piece’s character, its personality and its unique heritage, whether it be the story of its origin, or its relevance or its reason to be. It is through this process, when a visual narrative transpires, and the story begins to unfold, all of which allows us to hint at the historical importance of a piece. When executed brilliantly, the experience of viewing (or using) such a piece, can be of course, physical, but also an intellectual or even, an emotional experience. Because the best reworked pieces have the power to move, intrigue, and hopefully, astonish you.

Re-Works (noun / plural): the end-product of reworking, a skill for improving the act or process of perfecting that which once worked (def. “worked” meaning properly, well, reliably, tirelessly). Ultimately, with the aim of producing or functioning in a beneficial manner, in so much as a desirable and/or even a predictable end-result can be achieved. When done with an exceptional level of skill / craftsmanship, “With an Eye for Perfection”, only then, can an artisan be able to recreate that which may one day be considered… A Masterpiece (def. as an exquisite, industrious WORK of ART which can be reused, admired & even coveted yet again). “The reworks they have on display here are of the utmost beauty & perfection”

Rework Reworking Reworked: Verb / Transitive Verbs: Meaning: to work again or redo. Synonym: Revise. Old/modern English. Circa1850-1930’s best-era/use. Etymology GBi

The best reworks are genuine, one-of-a-kind pieces that remain authentic to their era, during & after the restoration process. The very best Industrial Art should be notable, memorable, and revered. We invite you to explore all that we have, and we hope you enjoy the shopping experience.

The Get Back Story

Among the vanguard who shaped the vintage-industrial aesthetic, founder and designer Tim Byrne built Get Back Inc on what was built to last. He has been commissioned to design and build bespoke store displays, furniture, and lighting fixtures for a wide-variety of projects around the world from Shimamura Paris & Co. to London’s Dorchester Hotel by Thierry W. Despont to boutique hotelier Ian Schrager’s (co-founder of Studio 54) renovation of The Gramercy Park Hotel designed by the celebrated visual artist Julian Schnabel.

Redefining Vintage

Showcase, respect, appreciate, pay-tribute to the heritage

We make new art on old ground. Vintage is a way of seeing, and these are the machines, lights, and furniture we have culled from the factories and workshops of America’s industrial past, restored, and freshly presented for those with a discerning eye. Forged with uncommon quality, the materials, castings, and fixtures of genuine industrial furnishings are imbued with inimitable character. These are heritage pieces serving as functional art. Experience the vintage difference. To us, vintage industrial defines a proud-piece, in its simplicity & in its purpose. It describes a piece that has real-substance to it, it has raw-character, and it has a strong personal-story, all its own. It is a style that evokes a dichotomy of feelings, often striking the perfect balance of strength AND beauty, to us, that is… “The Art of Industrial.”

Redefining Industrial

The original design, the workmanship, the natural beauty

We build on what was built to last. We rescue exemplary Machine Age pieces from the American Industrial Revolution forward into the Postwar Era and transform them into heirlooms. Our hope is future generations will appreciate the painstaking craftsmanship that went into these machines and furnishings that faithfully served the tradespeople who literally made America. The strength and form of authentic industrial lighting and furnishings are unparalleled in their design and construction. We work in the tradition of objet trouvé taking up the objects of our shared history to present and preserve in a novel way. Experience the industrial difference.

The Origin of Vintage Industrial

The original vintage industrial design, style, aesthetics
The “Vintage-Industrial” design style originated long ago, as a niche’ it was the key to our success (today it’s also often referred to as “industrial chic”). It’s a style that was clearly evident in our custom-made, one-of-kind pieces, all of which were handcrafted and done so for some of the design community’s most discerning eyes. Today, it is still very-much the same. We are proud of the progress we have made and of the impact we have had, seeing this style of design flourish and grow (watch just about any interior decorating or home renovation show today). We have been truly blessed to serve so many great clients over the years, with some of them being well-known industry icons, influencers, & insiders. The folks who know, who want the best. We enjoy working with anyone who loves, likes or appreciates the vintage industrial style of décor. We’ve stayed true to our Founder’s philosophy: “When you build with love & care, your work will surely endure!” And the Vintage Industrial style is still going-strong, even after more than two decades.

With the changing of time, and our ever-evolving fashions, styles and trends, all of which seem to come & go. Yet now, even after more-than two decades, the Vintage Industrial style of design and décor, is still going, very-strong. Take note, next time you go out to enjoy dinner. Look around, because at just about any local-urban eatery, bar or lounge, even at most of the finest-establishments, you’ll see some sort of influence from, and appreciation for, this beautiful style of design and décor. It surely makes us smile. And for many of us, it encourages us to learn-more about the purpose behind the piece (or how and why its been repurposed). It’s often the historical relevance and the stories that can be told which seem to intrigue us most. We suppose, its this fascination (for our shared history) and the allure that originates within each and every piece that draws us in. At times, it may be the overall vintage décor or just a few of the select pieces from the industrial-like collection that the designer or restauranteur has chosen to display which helps us to feel as if we’re almost going-back in time. It is those more-meaningful and lasting connections that help to move us. To us, that is what enables folks to truly-enjoy the ambiance of a special place, the stories to share, and the precious time that we have together. Because… before long, everything becomes vintage. 

Our Founder & His Vision

A passion for finding the best & being the best

An Irish immigrant who is equal parts carpenter, metal-smith, revivalist, design guru, & mad scientist.

He was amongst the vanguard of the vintage industrial aesthetic, movement. A true innovator and in part, even an inventor. Started out as a fine cabinet maker, then onto furniture and now all things vintage-industrial. He is widely-considered, one of the original pioneers in modern-industrial design. However, his contributions extend well beyond the boundaries of design, or even, the finer studies of ergonomic, aesthetic and/or functional-design. His achievements have influenced modern-industrial design, (interior and exterior) architectural design, even environmental / landscape design, and (most prominently) the “vintage industrial” style of design and décor. His roots in old-world craftsmanship, custom cabinet making & fine woodworking, have always had a strong application to Get Back Inc’s unique style of furniture design, lighting, storage, and interior design in general. Because of this experience, Tim has been asked to be a guest speaker, a TV commentator and even a guest judge (on design), as well as, a contributing author, all based on the Vintage Industrial style he’s helped to create. His work has also been put on-exhibition in galleries and showcased in some of leading design publications, and can be seen on TV (shows), and on the big-screen (movies).

Today Tim loves to stroll through, combing old places with a keen eye. He enjoys pointing out the functionality of particular parts of old machines and brushing away the years dust, decay, oil and debris, exposing the raw, “beautiful”, materials used in the construction of such things. What looks to the untrained eye like pure scrap, to Byrne is pure art. His mind cuts through the cobwebs and dust that coats the old machinery, preferably pre–World War II and American. He loves to spend his spare time, if there ever is any for this man, picking through old abandoned factories, antique auctions or even scrap yards. He sees not ruins, but something clients like Bono, Meg Ryan, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, John Lithgow. Malcolm Gladwell or Bruce Springsteen might have in their homes. Another key passion is Byrne’s hand-on furniture design, he loves to work on the preservation of a piece’s functionality and use it in a practical way, while also celebrating the simple, aesthetic-beauty and alluring, historical-relevance of a piece.

In Tim Byrne’s Own Words

“I try and keep it as real as possible. If it has gears and chains on it, then it works. We do our best to make a careful distinction with what we do here—to preserve the mechanical components of a piece, as they are inextricably linked to the aesthetic form and its function. By design, we want to Get Back to making these connections. Understanding the purity of a piece and its original purpose, unearthing its inherent beauty (without losing the flaws, the nicks, or the wear, but actually highlighting them). Knowing where it came from, why it was used and for what good. Then we find a meaningful, new use for the piece. What we don’t do, is bring to-market an old, untouched antique. Part of appreciating the vintage-industrial style is knowing what to look for and why. It is a way of seeing”, and herein lies his passion, which he aims to share with as many folks as he can.

Just the other day Tim said, “He would love it everyone could Get-Back to that place of connection – because there are valued, personal connections to be made everywhere. Everyone & everything has a story to tell, a purpose behind them and their work, and our lives revolve around making these connections. So, let’s appreciate and commemorate The Works of our industrialized past. Let’s showcase our own preference for the Vintage-Industrial style of furniture & Furnishings. When we make these connections, it helps to preserve our rich, wonderful heritage, and I find that it is often a very-human story. When one learns the history of a piece it becomes a lot more personal to them, (even somewhat intimate, depending on where they live and their own family history). I suppose, on a smaller scale, it is very similar to sharing a story about any heirloom piece, and learning about the proud, passionate, craftsman who created it.

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, folks have been passing these stories down from generation to generation. We just happen to love the vintage-industrial era (perhaps because of its role in the advent of so much of what we have and use today). To think of all the immigrants who labored day-in & day-out, like the coal-worker, the steam-engine controller, the ironworker, the assembly-line operator, or the welders, mechanics and machinists; and all of the stories they would have to tell us about – which we can only hint at or try to illustrate with a piece from their era.

So, when we are bringing these old working components forward, from a former-factory floor and crafting them into more-modernized pieces of furniture, there’s always that very-interesting, historical-narrative that wants to permeate the piece (visually communicating so much… and most certainly, any piece of that era beckons… that I am built to last, built to perform and built to impress). Now that is an authenticity of real-character, one that imbues a genuine sense of personality, a strength all its own. To me, and probably many other design-enthusiasts, I am sure those are fascinating characteristics to have, and to be able to Work-with when renewing a piece or repurposing a product.” -Tim Byrne.

Tim, just like the furniture he creates, has a lot of very-attractive, and maybe even, unpredictable traits, as well as few unconventional, but very-charismatic qualities. In the foyer of his shop there is a framed antique sign which reads ‘NO IRISH NEED APPLY,’ which captures Tim’s indelible Irish humor, and his brilliant ability for attracting and subtly, pulling-in the curious.


Since our inception, it has been Tim’s vision to bring the vintage industrial style of design & décor into more homes, establishments, and offices all around the world – to help make this, genuinely-rugged, bold & beautiful, breed of furniture & furnishings more-accessible and more-appreciated by all.


We will continue with his founding pledge, to pay respect to that cherished local history and our shared heritage, by continuing to work-hard ourselves, at protecting and preserving our industrial past, and these old landmark structures. We will continue to support the proper causes and sponsor the right, local events that help to establish the land trusts, and / or raise charitable donations that support the area’s Historical Society, restoration and preservation efforts, as well as many of the other like-minded, community-based, non-profit organizations that share in this purpose.


It is our goal to help restore our treasured-past, and all of the magnificent “artifacts of work” that still exist in our older industrial cities. Many of them are the old manufacturing factories and long, narrow saw mills, quite majestic buildings with their unique architectural style, which is often comprised of exposed brick and expansive hand-hewn beams. Some of them still contain their original inner-workings and heavy mechanized structures, but most of them, have been stripped-of their smaller more-decorative historical remnants. The ones that haven’t, well, they are now falling into disarray, and will eventually crumble to the ground. If left alone, they all risk being lost to time. These are our historical treasures, so we aim to help protect them and the legacy of the hard-working-laborers, the craftsmen, and the artisans. All of whom, helped to build this great commercialized-country. A country which today, still continues to foster the same opportunities… for individual growth and entrepreneurial success. So, we all can continue to chase our dreams while paying tribute to the hardworking generations who came before us.

Company Values

Leadership is about creating more great leaders
INGENUITY– is what originates within us!
So… REIMAGINATION is what GBi aims to nurture, in all.
INNOVATION – is what we are focused on providing!
So… REVITALIZATON is at the center of the GBi business.
IMPECCABILITY– is what defines our level of quality, care & design!
So… REFOCUS is what defines GBi’s style of leadership.
INTEGRITY – is what has (always) and will (always) guide us!
So… RESPECT is a “must-have” for all GBi employees.
INSPIRATION – is what surrounds us & our products (the end-benefit)!
So… RENOVATION is what best describes the GBi offering.
UTHENTICITY & ORIGINALITY – is what separates us from any other
So… REIGN is all about the loyalty of our customers.
COMMITMENT – is what we honor & offer (day-in & day-out).
So… RECOGNITION is what we owe to our customers.

Leadership Design

Leadership is all about learning, growth and setting the example. It requires confidence, trust, adaptation, and most of all vision. At its core, it requires you to inspire others to join you in your pursuit, and through performance, achievement and perseverance, together you’re able to create something new, amazing, desirable. And when it is done at its very-best, you can look back and truly appreciate the positive-impact that you and your colleagues have accomplished.

The most memorable leaders in the design industry have created real, influential-changes, real lasting-innovations, real measurable-results or real life-changing improvements through their love of design.

It is in this light, that we hope to continue to inspire every renovator, every contractor and every home-owner – anyone who has that design-itch. Go ahead, follow your heart, get designing. We encourage you to trust in your abilities and BE that creative interior decorator or designer. There is natural, beautiful inspiration all around us. It starts with having that vision, and knowing your purpose (for the design), and then it has everything to do with paying attention to the details. So, go, get at it, chip-away! And if you can’t, then hire that interior-designer that you like – there’s a long list of some very talented ones in “Our Partners” section of this site.

Brand Values

What our brand stands for

THE GET-BACK INC. BRAND = Exquisite-Design, Exceptional-Quality & Exclusive Service

Our Promise is to always bring you the best, while remaining authentic & original.”

Where it all started… “I would like to… Get-Back to that place of connection. Because there are valuable, personal-connections to be made everywhere! Everyone & everything has a story to tell, and a… purpose behind them & their own designs (their work); and our lives really can & should revolve around making these connections.

That is at the core of my attraction to vintage industrial wares, it is both emotional and artistic. The people who designed and built this stuff initially were immigrants, well-before me but not-unlike me, everyone from the designer to the pattern maker, from the foundry to the machinist, and then the actual assembler who built the whole machine. I feel a strong connection to that level of involvement. Going out and getting these pieces myself, retrieving them out of scrapyards or old mills, and then sitting down to redesign them, that is something I really have a lot of fun with. Which I truly enjoy being able to Get-Back to, everyday!”

-Tim Byrne, 2016


Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Management Goals


Leadership is all about taking responsibility & setting the example.

REcycle: where we can -with all of papers packaging and all disposables – especially our wood (from recycled wood programs)

REuse: brushes old-parts tools utensils, coffee cups

REclaim: most of the materials and components we use – we try to never use mass-produced products or components

REduce: waste dust runoff plastics

REpurpose everything with imagination

REvitalize our local communities businesses restore our forests

REtain the pride in our “Made in America” heritage

REshape tomorrow through great design programs

REward all exemplary employees who honor these values

We always source our hardwoods and softwood timber from sustainable suppliers.

Inspiration, Influence & Impact

GET BACK INC’s reputation is built on our ever-expanding, always-evolving and very-innovative, inventory of authentic American industrial furnishings and lighting. We have been providing the film-industry (big studio Art-Directors & Set-Managers) with authentic and period-accurate furniture, props and set designs. Our 30,000-square-foot space houses a vast inventory of America’s industrial history. Recent clients have included: HGTV “Fixer to Fabulous, Gotham (Fox), The Irishman (Netflix), Boardwalk Empire (HBO), The Equalizer 2 (Columbia Pictures), You (Warner Horizon Television), John Wick: Chapter 2 (Lionsgate), and John Wick: Chapter 3 (Lionsgate). As well as many of HGTV’s home renovating shows, like Fixer to Fabulous. We invite you to view our Showroom & Request a Catalog