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Returns & Refunds

Standard Terms & Conditions When Purchasing Consumer Products

For The Return, Replacement or Refund of Our Manufactured Goods – Vintage Industrial Furniture, Furnishings & Lighting

Return of Any Damaged or Broken Product

Our Return Policy is fairly standard (and “fair”). We will provide a Refund (or a Replacement or even a Store Credit) IF something you’ve purchased from us is damaged or broken, by us or by our delivery personnel (which option is based on the customer preference). Once an inspection is done on the Returned product, and it is evident that product is still unused (and/or has not been assembled or installed and then damaged) hence the damage in question is due to the product or part being faulty, broken or damaged (when either manufactured or shipped by us) then we will provide the customer with a Replacement or a Refund.

Replacement of Any Damaged or Broken Parts

Quite simply, if a product is received with damage we will send a Replacement (or in some instances, we will provide a Refund, less shipping and restocking – for select items). If something is broken by the customer or their contractors, during assembly or installation, we will work with the customer to Replace the broken part, component or product, at cost, plus shipping.

Refund of a Product

If someone wants to return a product that they are just not happy with or if it just does not fit within the intended space, then yes, we will refund you the purchase price, as we stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, (again, this is only after the product has been returned to us in its original condition and we find that it has not been used, assembled, installed, or damaged in anyway), less a 10% Restocking Fee, or we may provide a Store Credit (to be determined by Get Back Inc, based on several factors, some of which include but are not limited to, the delivery, the installation, the product itself, the purchase, the customer, et al). Store Credit is the most common Refund. the customer is responsible for Return Shipping Costs. All custom-made products and all custom-installations are not eligible for Refund.

Return Shipping

It is simple, if a product, component or part (merchandise) needs Returning, Replacement or Refund we need to be notified of the reasoning, and all information verified, prior to the Return Shipping process. In most cases the customer will need to cover the cost of the Return Shipping. Usually, it is the cost of the Return Shipping which becomes the determining factor for the consumer. We do not cover the cost of Return Shipping unless the product is faulty or damaged on our end (meaning it was damaged during the manufacturing process or during the shipping process). If this is the case, please document the damage (with a photo) and then notify us so that this can be verified and approved, prior to beginning the Return Shipping process. Do not ship the product, part or component back to us without this documentation and verification. All Returns are to be made within 10 Days from the time the product Is received. In most cases we will provide a Store Credit to the customer for the cost of the product, less a restocking fee (depending on the product). Again, all products Must Be in original condition. All custom-made products and all custom-installations are not eligible for Return.