The Art of Industrial
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The Get Back Story

For nearly twenty years, our dedication has been focused on the artistry and craftsmanship required to redesign, repurpose and rework the more-extraordinary, the more-exceptional discoveries, transforming these rare finds into beautiful, authentic, one-of-a-kind, vintage-industrial design pieces of furniture, lighting, & decor. Our creations are the kind that captivate and enamor individuals, evoking a deep sense of appreciation and admiration. As pioneers in the vintage-industrial design aesthetic, our founder, Tim Byrne, established Get Back Inc. with a clear vision and unwavering passion to become the industry’s leading source for the highest-quality vintage-industrial design goods. We take immense pride in offering carefully curated collections of distinctive goods, goods that cater to those with a discerning eye and a refined taste for life’s finer-things (distinctive goods that embrace the hallmarks of excellence, in quality & design, ie. commercial furniture/industrial-art).

As seen in:

The Art of Industrial – Furniture & Lighting

Distinctive Goods For Distinguished Folks

Save space in
style with
The Original Swing-Out Seat

Sand cast with premium ductile iron. The Get Back Original Swing Out Seat can be seen in Bars and Restaurants in the US, Canada, Australia & Europe.

You Are Invited to Take Your Own 360 Virtual-Tour

You can shop around or… Just walk through our designer showroom… As if you were actually here with us in person

Tailor-made for all you DIY'ers

Build your own Vintage Industrial Table (or the perfect outdoor picnic table)

We invite you to experience our studio and showroom