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Large Captivating All-Cast-Iron Antique Boiler Doors

Gorgeous Antique Boiler Doors, large & impressive (with the manufacturer’s name D.M Dillon Steam Boiler Works masterfully incorporated within the iron-work, on both doors, serving as authentic industrial artwork from the early to mid-1900’s). All in mint working-condition, fully-functional doors, hinges & handle / latch. The company’s decorative moniker “DM” proudly emboldened on both doors (gorgeously interwoven type, raised above the surface approx. 2″), along with the manufacturer’s key business information positioned across the top center panel, also raised). Everything about this rare, massive antique is in beautiful. This is a product with a fabulous, rich heritage behind it. It’s an enlightening and impressive story worth learning about, one with quite the historical impact here in NE, if not all America, and/or the world. This will be a proud piece to own, as DM Dillon was an instrumental manufacturer, emblematic of the industrial revolution and the ingenuity that was so critical to building the US into what it is today. Honorable, herculean & heroic qualities.
Overall Dimensions: 9″ x 58 1/4″ x 57″ high
Doors Measure: 36 1/4″ x 25″ without hinges & 36 1/4″ x 2/8 1/2″ with hinges
Materials: All Original Cast Iron
SKU: OB-4562

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1 set of mint-condition, antique doors with the “D.M Dillon Steam Boiler Works” moniker proudly emboldened (gorgeous interwoven type raised on the front of both doors, along with the manufacturer’s “company information” positioned across the top center panel, also raised). In beautiful working condition. The original ornate / decorative brand marks raise almost 2″ from the surface (see attached image for close-up). Perfectly working doors / hinges & latch, smooth and effortless functioning. Doors like these have been custom installed in residential houses throughout the US, serving as an indoor wet-bar with lights, a large outdoor/patio pizza-oven, a secured closet/built-in cabinet for treasured belongings, an entertainment cubby, and many more ideas. Below is just one of the examples of a very creative installation within a client’s residence. 
These doors will impress. They are massive & truly unique. Weighing several hundred pounds, estimated to be in excess of 400 lbs.
The surface is a smooth satin black, polished to be exquisite and well preserved.
Please call to discuss. 
Overall Dimensions: 9″ x 58 1/4″ x 57″ high
Doors Measure: 36 1/4″ x 25″ without hinges & 36 1/4″ x 28 1/2″ with hinges
Materials: All Cast Iron
The provenance for these doors is an old factory in Fitchburg Massachusetts, circa late 1800’s – mid 1900’s. One of the country’s largest boiler works, operating in NE and serving the world with iron and steel products, focused on manufacturing furnaces and boilers. Throughout the years making everything from textiles and textile machinery to (during the Great War and then WWII, adjusting and helping to make) locomotive parts, smoke stacks, marine parts and even tanks. An iconic company founded during the industrial revolution, employing hundreds of workers and laborers, all of whom helped to build the heavy duty products that literally built America. These boiler doors represent the strength of the DM Dillon company, a manufacturer with a great history here in New England, and America.