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The Original Swing-Out Seat Table – Communal Dining Table

Our large industrial-style communal dining table, with the Original Swing-out-Seats is perfectly suited for restaurants, breweries, pubs, and beer gardens “biergartens” who want to save space in style, and maximize the amount of space they have. Each Swing out Seat provides for a more-intimate experience as the seat moves with the body, positioning the user in the perfect spot. With the strength to withstand in excess of a thousand pounds per seat, the stability and quality can be felt & seen throughout. This long, multi-seat/communal dining table is the preferred choice for large venues, however each table is built-to-suit. Options include number of seats, table height, foot rail, choice of materials -oak, pine, poplar, walnut / IPE, reclaimed, steel, glass (or whatever materials you choose). The table can be fabricated continuous or contiguous. This is a stronger, safer, bolder, better-lasting, smarter option, compared to traditional wooden and / or standard metal tables. This product comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on all of the cast iron parts. Every table can be ordered as seen here, or custom-ordered so you can decide on the final choice of wood finish and options, yourself. Additional options include seat covers & cushions, as well as custom engraved / etching into the wood (seat tops for on-premise brand marketing for commercial installation), all options are available upon request and all options are estimated at the time of purchase.
SKU: SE-5009

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The Original Swing-Out Seat Table – Communal Dining Table

The Original Swing-out Seat Product Line

TOSOS Commercial Furniture -By Get Back Inc.


This very-unique & often huge, Rustic-Industrial Style Communal-Dining Table is very impressive and very-functional. Because these are all custom-made to your liking, they’re often referred to as “The Brewer’s Beer-Garden Table”. Now even the smaller hometown craft-brewers can save space in style! Reminiscent of the  cafeteria-style tables found in early-20th-century schools & factories, this table is sand cast with premium ductile iron and premium hand-selected oak. This versatile heritage piece lies at the heart of the industrial-modern aesthetic for American furniture design. Add this large, sturdy, beautiful table into your vision for a trendy craft-brew kitchen / beer-garden or for any fine-eatery who offers communal-style dining. This is a great alternative-seating solution for commercial projects where quality, service, comfort and space are all important factors. This table can be seen in fine breweries all over the country & world (esp. London).

Customers can choose from:
– Size, top height, depth, length
– Material, oak, walnut, steel, maple, reclaimed…
– Number of seats – Dining, bar or counter height
– Single sided seats or both sides
– Outdoor version available in IPE
– Black or Gray hardware available (custom colors can also be done)
– Seats are also available to purchase separately
– Seat covers & cushions are also available
– Custom laser-engraved etching on top of the wood seats
         (commercial installations -memorable on-premise brand marketing)
– Please inquire for all options & your custom quote


Key Features:

  • Seat Tuck-under Design = 24” Saved-space
  • Stress Tested To Hold 1k.Lbs+ (w/ No Sway)
  • Ideal Positioning – 1 Seat For Every 24″
  • Seat Swings-out 170 Degrees (Enabling Easier Access & More Flexible Positioning)
  • Adjustable Setscrew To Control Distance (For Greater Comfort & Safety)
  • Predrilled To Allow For Easy Bolting To The Ground (For Greater Comfort & Safety)



  • Cast-Iron Seat Assemblies & Steel Fabricated Pedestals (All Painted Satin Black)
  • (AS SHOWN) Oak Table Top, Center-beam & 16 Seats (w/ Golden Oak Wood Finish)



Length — 192″

Depth — 30″

Height — 30″

Seats Collapsed-under — 30″

Seats Extended-out — 60″


Additional Product Info TEARSHEET




Product SKU: SE-5009

Better-Looking & Better-Lasting

(compared to traditional dining)


SAVE… Time Space & Money with

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