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The Original Swing-Out Seat Table – Dining Height / Outdoor

Taking our swing-out seats a step beyond their usual bar and kitchen counter duties, Tim Byrne, founder of get back, Inc. combined them with powder-coated steel pedestal bases and Ipé seats and slats to create a weather resistant revival of America’s Classic picnic table. Each swing out seat provides a warm interactive experience as it moves with the body, positioning you to the perfect spot. With the strength to withstand in excess of a thousand pounds per seat, and the ability to be bolted to the ground, the stability and quality can be felt and seen throughout. An exquisite alternative to standard outdoor kitchen, breakfast, dining and cafe seating. Ipé, a walnut wood species from Brazil, was chosen as it is three times harder than cedar and twice the density of standard pressure-treated wood, stays cool to the touch because it does not retain heat thanks to the properties of the wood. Ipé can last over 75 years with proper care and is sustainably harvested, and naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. Paired with ductile cast iron arms and matched steel pedestal bases, this table will last a lifetime. Available in a variety of indoor and outdoor finishes, starting at 4 seats and increasing in increments of two. Multiple table sets can also be linked together. Also available in bar height and taller ½ tables / wall mount versions, counter / bar height with foot-rail (ideal for outdoor bars). This product comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on all parts.  Seat covers & cushions, as well as custom laser-engraved etching on the wood seat tops (for memorable on-premise brand marketing for commercial installations) are all available options. Table shown measures 30″ x 48″ x 30″ H. Quantity and designer discounts available.  
SKU: SE-5010

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The Original Swing-Out Seat Table – Dining Height / Outdoor

The Original Swing-out Seat Product Line

TOSOS Commercial Furniture -By Get Back Inc.

The Original Swing-out Seat small industrial-style cafe’ table is one of our top selling outdoor products. It is the smaller, 4 person version of the larger industrial-style dining-table. Made of all IPE (also called Brazilian Walnut), makes for the perfect outdoor picnic table, patio furniture. With the slat-board wood table top, this is the perfect rugged, weather-resistant, classic-revival of America’s traditional-style picnic table. Designed to be more intimate and more functional, for greater comfort and for the best use of space. Ideal for smaller venues or establishments looking to offer that more-personal experience. Each Swing-out seat provides a closer, more engaging experience as it moves with you, positioning you to the perfect spot, whether you are sitting back to enjoy a great meal or leaning-inward to listen and interact in a busy social setting. An exquisite alternative to standard outdoor patio dining & cafe seating. With the unique Swing-out seat design, these tables are reminiscent of the cafeteria-style tables found in early-20th-century boarding schools & factories.  This versatile heritage piece lies at the heart of the industrial-modern aesthetic for American furniture design.  Enhances the dining experience with this beautiful, comfortable, longer-lasting patio / picnic table. Each table is sand cast with premium ductile iron and premium hand-selected IPE, which makes these seats exceptionally strong (they can withstand in excess of a thousand pounds per seat). The stability and quality can be felt & seen throughout. Never stack another metal seat or fix another broken wooden chair, with this product you get a Lifetime Guarantee (on all functioning parts). We also offer a taller version of this table, which comes predrilled and can be easily bolted to the ground for greater safety. This smaller, cute and quaint 4 person, cafe’-style table is very popular, however each table is built-to-suit. Options vary, including the size, height, choice of outdoor materials – finished oak, pine, poplar, reclaimed wood, or even stainless-steel or glass table tops (…whatever materials you choose). This is the stronger, safer, bolder, better-lasting, smarter option for outdoor dining (compared to traditional wooden and/or metal porch, patio sets). Additional options also include seat covers & cushions, as well as custom engraved / etching on-top of the seats (for commercial installations, providing memorable on-premise brand marketing). All option are available upon request, and all options are estimated at the time of purchase.


Customers can choose from:
– Size, top height, depth, length
– Material, oak, walnut, steel, maple, reclaimed…
– Number of seats – Dining, bar or counter height
– Single sided seats or both sides
– Black or Gray hardware available (custom colors can also be done)
– Seats are also available to purchase separately
– Seat covers & cushions are also available
– Custom laser-engraved etching on top of the wood seats
         (commercial installations -memorable on-premise brand marketing)
– Please inquire for all options & your custom quote


Key Features:

  • Seat Tuck-under Design = 24” Saved-space
  • Stress Tested To Hold 1k.Lbs+ (w/ No Sway)
  • Ideal Positioning – 1 Seat For Every 24″
  • Seat Swings-out 170 Degrees (Enabling Easier Access & More Flexible Positioning)
  • Adjustable Setscrew To Control Distance (For Greater Comfort & Safety)
  • Predrilled To Allow For Easy Bolting To The Ground (For Greater Comfort & Safety)



  • Cast-Iron Seat Assemblies & Steel Fabricated Pedestals (All Painted Satin Black)
  • (AS SHOWN) IPE Table Top, Center-beam & 4 Seats



Length — 48″

Depth — 30″

Height — 30″

Seats Collapsed-under — 30″

Seats Extended-out — 60″


Product SKU: SE-5010

Better-Looking & Better-Lasting

(compared to traditional dining)


SAVE… Time Space & Money with

TOSOS Trust The Industry Best


Dimensions 30 × 48 × 30 in