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Vintage Industrial Factory Trough Sink (Rustic & Rugged)

This vintage (early 19th century) rustic & rugged style, extra-long, two sided trough-vessel sink, freestanding with two round pedestals for the base.  The sink / basin is made of all porcelain enameled cast iron, with a v-framed, steel tower that provides the piping for four (4) independent faucets for either hot or cold water, with two (2) per side and a total of four (4), single feed. Along with a secured metal wire-frame storage-shelf, mounted on top. The shelf has a 1/4” flat steel-plate on the bottom & side-rails all around, all seamlessly / perfectly welded together. Shelf runs end-to-end, making all these features accessible from both sides. Cleverly designed to securely hold all necessary cleaning supplies (bottles, soaps, agents). The final finish / condition is restored to be rustic & rugged. Celebrating the piece’s unique character & age (with a history of use & expected weather / wear). The sink (original use) was in a factory for industrial / commercial use, and (ideally, today) it would serve / function well in a country-barn / farmhouse style or setting. Perfectly suited for either residential or (continued) commercial usage (often quite popular in retail environments). Shelf Dimensions: 5″ x 63″ x 4 1/2″ Materials: Cast Iron & Brass (SKU OB-8672)
SKU: OB-8672

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Vintage, Long & Deep, Industrial / Country-Style,Two-Sided Sink, Custom-Made White-Porcelain & Steel, All Functional & Very Solid State, Freestanding-Trough / Vessel-Style Basin, With Four Faucets for Hot or Cold H2O (single feed) & Two Round Pedestals (all rustic & rugged).

Fully functional with 4 faucets

Overall Dimensions: 30 1/2″ x 78″ x 53″ high

Basin Dimensions: 30 1/2″ x 72″ x 32″ high

Shelf Dimensions: 5″ x 63″ x 4 1/2″

Materials: Cast Iron & Brass

(SKU OB-8672)