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Vintage Industrial All Cast-Iron Rolling Table – SOLD

The multi-functional industrial worktable A.K.A. The Printer’s Turtle Table. Overall Dimensions: 24″ x 30 1/2″ x 37 1/2″ high Materials: Cast Iron & Steel (table top)
SKU: TA-2952 – SOLD

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A great vintage-industrial table, a relatively tall (at 37+ inches) and mobile work-of-art, which seamlessly blends charm with functionality. Crafted with precision and character, this square-steel table top with framing constructed from solid cast-iron.  The sturdy dome shaped base within the frame and 1″ steel tabletop all showcases a well-earned history, through its working nicks, dents, and wear. All elements, including the metal wheels & uniquely shaped base, exude a genuine vintage-industrial style. All clean, strong & functional. The four industrial-grade dual caster-wheels provide mobility & stability, making it a versatile piece, suitable for any residential or commercial environment.

Named a “Turtle-Table” in the printing/publishing industry, this piece reflects its historical significance. Originating in the mid-1800s, during the boom of printing and publishing with the advent of rotary gravure presses, these tables became essential for transferring carefully composed forms to the printing or press area. The “portable prepress table” or “printer’s layout table” moniker underscores their specific construction and materials, designed to withstand the demands of a hectic printing environment.

Our printer’s table stands as a testament to its era, embodying the craftsmanship and functionality required in the printing industry. With advancements in printing technologies over the years, these tables have found new life as sought-after vintage pieces. This particular table, in exceptional condition, seamlessly merges original vintage-industrial style with practical utility, making it an ideal addition to any space where design and function are paramount. These moveable tables are multi-functional – great in residential or commercial environments as they make for a great tasting-table, side-table in the kitchen, or as a mobile desert-table, or rolling-bar or an island helper. Embrace the timeless appeal of our Vintage-Industrial Printer’s Table, a nod to history with a touch of authenticity for today’s discerning homeowners and business owners.