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Adjustable Vintage Industrial Desk (Hostess Stand, Entry Table with Clamp-on Lamp)

Rustic & vintage, adjustable & functional, a charming Service Table. The perfect Host/Hostess Station. A gorgeous historical piece, will serve well as a reception desk or greeting table, the perfect Maître d Stand or Butler’s Station in a B&B. Ideal in a small foyer, entryway or hallway, anywhere where quaint, private guests-services are needed. Features: a mahogany-wood sliding drawer for storage, a writing-shelf, 2-sided privacy guard & a flexible brass-metal gooseneck reading lamp, all built-into this very-functional & very-charming desk. Thoughtful enough space for restaurant menus & reservation booklets, space for signing guest registries, storage of travel pamphlets, etc. Overall Dimensions: 18″ x 40″ x 40 1/2″ – 51 3/4″ high Desktop Dimensions: 16″ x 40″ x 23″ – 34 1/4″ high Materials: Mahogany, Steel & Cast Iron
SKU: TA-2783

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Tall adjustable vintage industrial desk, often referred to as a factory table, ideal for standing/working at on a factory floor. Was also commonly used as a supervisor’s / manger’s table, would have been used in large textile mills, factories & printers, during the industrial revolution (where / when oversight was key to mass-production and busy assembly-line environments) up until modernization. Because its made for working-at while standing, in busy environments, its tall & small, narrow, & freestanding, which makes it movable, and/or somewhat portable.  Today its also (often searched for as) an antique schoolmaster’s desk w/an adjustable lamp.

Quite the multi-functional piece, as it makes for the Perfect, Vintage Host/Hostess Station, with the built-in lamp. Because it’s an adjustable stand (the height of the desktop) & a mobile/moveable table (with cast iron rollers/casters attached), plus a custom privacy-panel and small storage drawer, this table / desk will work well as a Guest-Services/Reception Stand. Originally, hand-built and constructed using a cast-iron v-frame base, that extends up/holds a steel tubular stand and the mahogany desk & all its unique, built-in features, above the tubular stand. Sturdy & very-functional, made using top-quality materials (all mahogany, steel & cast-iron). Because of it’s unique features & dimensions, this stand fits perfectly within a small foyer, entryway or even hallway. This piece will serve well in both residential (vintage decorative piece) and/or commercial environments (very popular in B&Bs, pubs, restaurants & clubs). Quite the unique piece, in excellent, if not perfect condition.