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The Original Swing-Out Seat


The Original Swing-Out Seat

The better barstool for smarter seating. Now you can save space, time & money in Style!

It’s the safer, stronger, better-lasting, better-functioning barstool! Maximize the space you have. The tuck-under design allows for better flow of traffic and a safer environment. A perfect replacement for the traditional tall metal / cushioned (dangerous & precarious) old-style barstool. This wall/island/bar mounted seat will not only impress, it will last a lifetime (100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of the working parts).

You can learn a lot more about the functional design of these seats/stools, their beautiful history and of course the great benefits in the Description section, provided below, as well as their specifications, materials, options, etc.

Don’t be misguided by the knock-offs in the market, trust in the Original and you’ll never be disappointed. These are the safer, stronger, bolder, smarter seats! The better alternative to traditional, standard stools, buy into a real piece of American history. Turn more than just butts in seats… turn heads with this great design!

Use the Inquiry button below to get in touch or Add to Cart if you are ready to purchase – Select your choice of wood, quantity of seats and you’re ready to go.

The Original Swing-Out Seat -The Better Barstool

SKU: SE-5000

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Not your standard barstool or old wooden chair. This is a unique seat, a versatile heritage piece. A product with a rich history and a smart, innovative design to it. One that lies at the heart of the modern industrial design aesthetic in American furniture.

A design reminiscent of the cafeteria style communal tables found in early-20th-century, in private boarding schools and charter schools as well as factories. If you would like to learn more about their fabulous history here in America, please feel free to click here

Build these distinctive wall-mounted, all cast-iron stools into your vision for a bar or kitchen-island.

This is a smart alternative-seating solution – you save not only space & money but also time & headaches, while minimizing liability and wasted costs. You’ll never have to fix another broken wooden chair or stack another heavy barstool. 

The standard alder wood seat can be left raw for you to stain or paint to suit your own setting or environment.  IPE (Brazilian Walnut) is available and recommended for outdoor installations.

We also offer raw and finished oak as indoor options. All seats measure 12″ x 1 1/4″ thick except the IPE – 11″ x 1 1/2″ thick. The IPE seats are made from one solid piece and they will weather from outdoor elements. There may be fading or minor checking and while most clients prefer the natural patina, the seats can be periodically coated for additional protection.

– Stress tested to hold in excess of 1,000 pounds
– Ideal spacing is one Seat for Every 24″
– Easy in & out as each seat can swing 170 degrees
– Adjustable Stop Points for greater comfort & control

The Original Swing-Out Seat has been referenced in a lot of different ways. It has been described as a Swing out Stool, Swing Away Seat, Swing Away Stool, Swing Arm Seat, Kitchen Island /Counter Barstool, Mounted Seat, Floating Seat, Tuck-Away Seat, Outdoor island seating. Kitchen Island Stool, Floating Seat, Floating Stool, Backless Island Stool. and on and on… We Simply Refer to it as The Original Swing-Out Seat / The Better (if not Best) Barstool you can get, anywhere!

We have videos and spec sheets available to assist with planning and installation. We also can provide a scan of the Base plate for proper mounting, available upon request. If you have any other questions we would be glad to help.



The ingenuity & innovation that started it all….

Better Looking – Better Lasting – Better Saving

An Exquisite Alternative To Traditional Seating™

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FIXER TO FABULOUS HOME RENOVATION SHOW Dave and Jenny Marrs embrace small-town America by renovating classic homes – take a peek at how Get Back Inc helped turn this family playroom into a beautiful & very functional new space for everyone to enjoy.


Trust The Industry-Source For Only The Best


The Original Swing-out Seat Product Line

TOSOS Commercial Furniture -By Get Back Inc.


10 3/4"


27 lbs




12 1/2" – 26"

Seat Type

Raw Alder, Raw Oak, Finished Oak, IPE

Arm Finish


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