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The Original Swing-out Seat Table HARDWARE KIT


Model#: TSHK-7206 Price: $2400 plus shipping Craft your own 6ft dining table with 6 swing-out seats using our premium Hardware Kit (designed for the woodworker). This kit comes with all of the hardware you will need, which allows you (woodworker or builder) the option of selecting the preferred wood, stain, color and finish (for the main beam and table top) as well as any other finishing touches. When done this table-kit will help to elevate the look & feel of any space, adding a beautiful blend of functionality & form – a modern industrial aesthetic, perfectly balanced. Subtle & still strong. Innovative & still simple. Best of all, beautiful and still, quite bold. Now you can create, customize, and cherish this vintage American, urban industrial design (structural / hardware). Combine this with your own craftsmanship and final-touches, and we are confident you’ll have an exquisite table, all will admire. We hope you enjoy the Art of Industrial with this new table, and you, your friends, you all can celebrate the beauty and the pride in completing such a great DIY project, and very unique piece. An Exquisite, Safer, Stronger, Better-Alternative To Your Traditional Seating & Dining (Perfect for Either Indoor & Outdoor Use). Email us at with contact name, address and phone number, and we will provide you with a shipping quote. Examples of Completed Kits:
SKU: TSHK-7206

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The Original Swing-out Seat Table HARDWARE KIT

The Original Swing-out Seat Product Line

TOSOS Commercial Furniture -By Get Back Inc.


Build Your Own Table using this Hardware Kit, for a Better, Smarter, Safer Alternative to traditional indoor or outdoor seating. Our kit includes all of the hardware you will need to assemble a 6 foot long dining table, with 6 cast-iron Swing-out Seats. With this kit you can select your own choice of materials (for the seats & table top). This is the perfect project for any woodworker.

The standard dimensions for this table (and the hardware included in the kit): 72” x 30” x 30”. The seats and all of the hardware have been carefully redesigned & vastly improved taking into account a full-size adult. Improvements which allow for greater comfort, more functionality, greater durability and a much-better looking table and seats. It is worth noting, the inspiration for these seats goes back to the smaller, less capable cafeteria style seating, which dates as far back as the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. These more communal, smaller seats were often found in elementary schools through-out New England (primarily in the larger city areas). The curved design and i-beam style arm on the seats are what make the seats stronger and capable of tucking-under the table, allowing for the simplicity and beauty of the table to standout.

Experience space-saving efficiency with these Original Swing-out seats, designed for easy access and greater appeal. The seats elegantly swing-in, under the table, offering a remarkable amount of room and effortless cleaning (no more legs to scratch the wood floor). Each seat holds up to 1200 lbs, complete with an adjustable arm, for personalized comfort. Embrace the original Swing-Out Seat with protected patents, distinguishing them from the subpar imitations. This is the Original and the best made swing-out seat table on the market. The structural design is clean, strong, balanced, minimal… and very functional. All of which will help to ensure a beautiful fit within just about any style or environment. Whether your dining space is in a country setting, for a mountain cabin or a custom lake house, or a more modern, chic studio apartment or upscale urban penthouse, the design works, and works well to compliment. We have broad portfolio of residential and commercial applications, thanks to the thousands of customers and clients who have shared their finished space with us (upon request we would love to share this with you).

Rely on our unmatched quality, functionality, and craftsmanship. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is an ideal DIY woodcraft project, creating a long-lasting beautiful indoor or outdoor table (this kit makes for the best picnic patio table). This is a great carpenter’s kit (ideal for you handymen, builders, custom cabinet makers or skilled craftsman), it is simplified with only what you need, and comes with a step-by-step guide (for easy assembly, if needed). We also have a great video tutorial, a custom-made YouTube professionally done by friend of ours. If you want to follow-along as you build your own table, feel free – with TWW. Now you can construct a versatile, visually appealing, space-maximizing table that everyone can enjoy. You all will get a lifetime of use out of this table – we guarantee it.


Product SKU: TSHK-7206

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