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How To Build The Coolest Picnic Table Ever

Our Swing-Out Seat Table was recently featured on the Wood Whisperer, one of YouTube’s most popular woodworking channels. In an excellent, in-depth video, host Marc Spagnuolo highlights the attractiveness and space-saving potential of the Swing-Out Seat Table (giving viewers a look at how he built his own dining room table using one of our Hardware Kits).

Marc takes us inside his woodworking shop, where he cuts the tabletop, base and seats from white oak before assembling the table with an assistant inside his home. Marc shows just how easy assembling a table using our Swing-Out Seat Hardware Kit can be, then gives his thoughts on the completed product.

“It wasn’t until it was in place, all the hardware was installed and the seats were in place that I really got a feel for just how visually impressive and unique this thing is,” Marc says.

Commenting on the stability of our legless Swing-Out Seats, Marc comments, “This thing is rock-solid.”

The real test comes later, when Marc hosts a pizza party for his young daughter and her friends. “My dad actually built this table!” Marc’s daughter exclaims proudly as the kids settle into their comfortable, unique new Swing-Out Seats.

“It’s great to see so many TWW members, YouTube followers and Woodworker’s Journal subscribers interested in building their own tables. We’re just amazed to see The Original Swing-out Seat line of products continue to grow like this. And who would’ve thought there’d be this many handy-craftsmen interested in making their own table – from scratch. It’s just so cool to see some of the pictures these folks are sending and posting, of their end-product, their own custom/hand-made TOSOST! Says Tim Byrne.

As Marc mentions in his video, Get Back Inc. is currently partnering with Woodworker’s Journal for a special offer – the first 25 customers to order a Hardware Kit will receive a FREE subscription to Woodworker’s Journal Magazine!

So don’t miss out – order your Swing-Out Seat Table Hardware Kit today!