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Commercial Success by Design

Vintage-Industrial Design by GBi: The Authentic, American-Touch for Your Space

At GBi, we take pride in offering a unique and authentic, vintage-industrial style of design, for any business that looks to create the perfect consumer/user experience (safe, effective, profitable & memorable). 1. We have had significant success with our very unique, seating & dining line of products (based-on The Original Swing-out Seat, which also tucks-under, when not in use). The custom design of this product makes it the best space-saving solution on the market, great for any high-traffic environment or busy space (especially where safety, flow and efficiency are all key factors).  2. Our modular shelving system, originally designed for retail merchandising, is a beautiful and sturdy storage option (with wall mounted / floor mounted options). This also makes for a very-versatile display system, ideal for just about any commercial space. We have added to this product, expanding an almost endless array of options. Today the system often includes lighting & components for other electronics (commercial TV screens, audio speakers, security cameras, etc.), desks & work-spaces, cubby & cabinets, and so much more.

In an effort to help our clients creatively plan and strategically execute, we’ve also expanded our services. Now we are providing a collaborative turn-key solution, our own in-house Design & Consulting Services. This helps by providing a “Partner” level approach for projects of all sizes. We will be there to help shepherd the project with you, from the early stages of ideation through to the final stages of installation & build-out. If your project has already begun yet, you can’t find what is that you need, well this is where we shine. We can come-in seamlessly, to support you and your team(s). Our industry reach is vast and deep. We will work tirelessly to get you what you need when you need it.

retail logos and commercial brands who use the vintage-industrial look

The Original Experts at Collaboration in the Vintage-Industrial Style of Design

What sets us apart is our unwavering expertise. Our founder, Tim Byrne, and our team collectively boast decades of experience in the design industry, whether it is specific to the furniture, the lighting or the overall environment. We pioneered the vintage-industrial design style of design for furniture, lighting, décor… that now graces world-renowned spaces in many of the major cities across the globe. Our extensive network of professionals is built on deep relationships, allowing us to curate top-tier resources for collaborations that deliver truly exceptional results.

Our collaborations with interior designers, architects, clients of all kinds, are more than just partnerships; they’re a symphony of excellence. Often a team approach towards a shared excellence. Each contributor brings their unique skills to the table, all focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations. From aligning with architectural visions to curating every vintage industrial detail, we’re masters of the art. But it’s not just about execution; it’s about integrity. Trust forms our core, and transparency cements our process. We can help to manage your project costs, timeframes, and expectations meticulously, because success isn’t achieved by chance. For nearly 25 years we have been pushing the boundaries on fresh and cool while embracing new innovations, all of which has honed Tim Byrne’s intuition. He not only envisions what’s needed and what’s trendsetting but he also has the experience to navigate the potential challenges and pitfalls. Our proficiency in managing coveted resources—whether rare materials, cutting-edge technologies, or sought-after products—is unmatched. Tim’s expertise and network have made GBi an indispensable asset to every client, project, and team at whatever stage of the project you are.

Client-Specific Consulting Tailored To All Kinds of Commercial Projects: Corporate, Retail, Hospitality, Food & Bev... Your Team's Experience Truly Matters

Our design consulting services are centered around the clients needs, timing & budget. The greatest degree of value (for our clients), comes from years of hands-on experience, creating one-of-kind, custom-built furniture pieces, commercial furnishings, key decor items, functional work-spaces, creative lighting solutions and then, if needed, replicating those designs for every locations. Sometimes, that is done is all in one building (ie. a 50 story luxury hotel in NYC, with literally hundreds of rooms), or it is in various locations (ie. all over the US), or in some cases, it is much larger than that with our global clients  (ie. who have locations in every major city, on 6 of the 7 continents). Our design services are customized to meet even the most specific parameters of a project, including the uniqueness of the brand, the overall experience, and even the minute factors required for certain products (ie. when it comes to custom designed seating, dining & lighting). We also understand the nuances behind managing the supply side of things, and when managing both the client’s expectations and the team’s perceptions becomes vitally important. We also understand how to manage through the ever-changing, dynamics and unforeseen circumstances, when it comes to large scale construction projects and juggling the production of key products that require custom installations. These are just a few of the more common examples. Your project may have to face a myriad of challenges, the good thing is you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, pub, retailer, luxury boutique chain, or a corporate business, we have the experience needed.

We provide a comprehensive list of our design & consulting services (detailed at the bottom of this page). Our services can help with space planning, interior design, custom furniture design, visual merchandising and much more. We can assist with the floor plan & proper layout, lighting design, custom fixtures, more-useful furniture design and other design elements, all to help enhance the overall experience. Our expertise is truly centered around creating an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, encouraging folks to spend more time, be more comfortable, be more productive, easily find what it is you need / want, whether it’s for work or play. Simplicity can be beautiful & great design should always be accessible.

Top Products

GBi’s top products are all designed with that raw, natural, strong, vintage-industrial style and they include the modular shelving system (which is our own very-customizable, flexible Merchandising, Storage & Display System), and The Original Swing-out Seat line of products – includes custom-made islands, tables & mounted-seats, all of which are ideal for restaurants, clubs, pubs & bars. These are some of our most popular, semi-mass produced products. We have many other tables, desks, lights, etc. that are also quite popular. However, these two lines of products are in more commercial spaces around the world than any other products that we have. These products can all be custom-fit to any specific space, and come in a wide range of materials, finishes & colors. We also offer a wide-array of very unique, point-of-sale furniture and original, vintage commercial made products. With our custom design services we can also provide made-to-order, custom-pieces, all based on what you need and envision.

Our team of designers and craftsmen use only the finest raw, all-natural materials and components, like exposed reclaimed woods, metals, stone-work, glass-work, and other rare, special finds, to create the world-class, vintage-industrial style pieces that we are well-known for. Every selling environment is unique and every project gets only our best.

Schedule a Consult with GBi

Trusted by some of the most prestigious brands in the world, GBi is the trusted source for everything vintage-industrial, providing clients with exceptional product design and truly-creative consulting services focused on this unique style of design. We understand the competitive nature of most industries and we strive to provide our clients with the best possible solutions. Let us help you Get-Back to the best, as we all appreciate the more-natural, more-meaningful connections that can be made through the vintage-industrial style of design.

We would love to help you with your next commercial / retail / business space with only the best in Vintage-Industrial furniture, lighting & design! Don’t do it twice and don’t risk what’s not needed, by going with the cheaper, lesser quality reproductions, materials or “experience”. Go with the original… Get-Back, Go with the best.