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Founders Letter


We have been told that it’s all of those perfectly-aged imperfections that make the rare, historical artifacts we’ve unearthed and repurposed so valued and sought-after. They’re all unique in their own way, ALL picked & pulled from an exceptional point in time, an era of real-innovation, and from a location that is critically important to the history of the US (and some would say, our progress in the world). It’s a time and place that we like to refer to as the real-grit of our “working” past. This is the post Civil War era, when America’s industrial revolution was in full-swing, which originated here in New England more so than anywhere else in the country. Which is why some folks even consider our products to be goods of extra-ordinary value, or finds that are of the more-uncommon, unexpected or unusual style. Some even call them very-distinctive, industrial, archeological goods, due to their uniquely-human origin, during our own industrial-endeavors in early-America. We like all of those beautiful monikers because to us (& most of our clients), the more-rare the “goods” are, the better. We believe it helps to create a stronger sense of pride in owning such a piece of “work”.

To us, that is the Vintage-Industrial style of design. A style that we’ve been fortunate enough to help mold, market and peddle for more than 20 years. It’s a unique passion to pursue “The Art of Industrial”, but not one that is… all our own. We are happy about that because it is a passion that we aim to bring more, mainstream. One, which we would like to help make, that-much-more accessible, especially to the folks who have an affinity for great design and premium, quality products. As our Founder Tim Byrne likes to say, “we were and are vintage-industrial, long before it became cool!” (meaning well before Pottery Barn and William Sonoma started carrying it, and even before Restoration Hardware began its national expansion).

It’s been a unique, higher-end niche’ for us, considering the overall home-decor market (of furnishing & lighting), one that used to attract a very-discrete and often, very-distinguished type of clientele. But now today, we definitely see this style of design as more pervasive and prevalent, and in particular a higher demand for more original designs and better-quality when it comes to the craftsmanship. Which is just “music to our ears”. Tim is the one who’s carefully-cultivated our brand’s reputation and our esteemed position in the industry after all these years. It’s a success that he attributes to us always honoring the 3-Critical-Es, which are the qualities that separate us from the rest: 1. Exquisite-Design, 2. Exceptional-Quality & 3. An Exclusive-level of Service -all tailored to serve our client’s most discerning needs. This has been our foundation for growth and today, we are one of the premier design resources (as Tim’s has said “It’s these 3Es that make the difference between us just being good or us being… truly-great!).

If you want to, we can even go back further, to the origin of our business and the name itself. It’s conceptually based on his desire to bring to market the very distinctive style of distinguished, uncommon & curious goods; meaning those rare goods that were designed and then redesigned again, in effort to really draw folks in. Creating a charm, a character, a story. Resulting in products and a style that transcends time, that helps folks Get-Back to that special era when things were made very-well, made to work. Resulting in products that connect the heart and the brain to a unique and valued point in time, perhaps even to a specific location and use/purpose. Therein lies our shared hi-story, brought back. To him that is at the root of it, because it’s all about the visual and functional story, which is told though a great (original) design and then celebrated through a beautiful redesign. Every Get-Back piece of furniture, furnishing or lighting has it’s own unique story and function, purpose, use and value. We add the latter quite purposefully, because as Mr. Byrne first said, back in 2019 when founding the company (and who would have known it would be so telling, still today)…

“I would like to… Get-Back to that place of connection. Because there are valued, personal-connections

to be made everywhere! everyone & everything has a unique-story to tell, and a purpose behind it or them & their endeavors;

and our lives really can & truly should revolve around making these connections.”

Which is just like the connection that we’ve made here today with you. Which we are grateful for, so thank you!

Whether you’re a celebrity designer or a world-renown restaurateur or a curious modern-industrial design enthusiast (from the heart of middle-America …or anywhere in the world!), we sincerely thank you! We are glad you have stopped by, and that we are now connected. Most of our guests are appreciative of the more-remarkable “vintage-industrial” finds that we have, and the style of décor that we’ve built our business on. We hope you like what you see. It’s good for you to know that our collections are always evolving and always growing. So, we hope someday soon you can find the time to… Get Back to us, once again!

– Tim Byrne. I love to design perfectly-imperfect, distinguished goods for perfectly-imperfect, distinguished folks!