The Art of Industrial
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The Get Back Story

The Get Back Story

For nearly twenty years, our dedication has been focused on the artistry and craftsmanship required to redesign, repurpose and rework the more-extraordinary, the more-exceptional discoveries, transforming these rare finds into beautiful, authentic, one-of-a-kind, vintage-industrial design pieces of furniture, lighting, & decor. Our creations are the kind that captivate and enamor individuals, evoking a deep sense of appreciation and admiration. As pioneers in the vintage-industrial design aesthetic, our founder, Tim Byrne, established Get Back Inc. with a clear vision and unwavering passion to become the industry’s leading source for the highest-quality vintage-industrial design goods. We take immense pride in offering carefully curated collections of distinctive goods that cater to those with a discerning eye and a refined taste for life’s finer-things that embrace the hallmarks of excellence in quality and design.

Our mission has always revolved around providing Creative Directors, Interior Designers, Builders, and Architects with these exquisite, highly coveted designs. We place a strong emphasis on the design, craftsmanship, and innovation. Within our Showroom you will find handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as several exclusive collections of our top-selling vintage-industrial furnishings. Each piece possessing its own compelling story, meticulously considered, thoughtfully designed, and impeccably restored after being rescued from the depths of neglect in old factories or shuttered mills. Every creation is carefully crafted and reworked to embody the exceptional qualities of America’s earliest and most industrious era – a time when durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal held the utmost importance. Back then, things were built to last, to work, and to impress. Experience the irresistible allure of our meticulously reimagined and reworked pieces, carefully chosen and masterfully handcrafted. Choose from our extensive collection of high-end home furnishings, unique commercial objects and exquisite lighting pieces; all of which make-up the finest authentic, vintage-industrial selection in the industry and all of which encompass both style and purpose, beauty and strength, form and functionality. Welcome to The Art of Industrial.


Today, each of our hand-picked historical relics carries the marks of time, weathered and well-earned through years of usage. These nicks, scars, and wear infuse them with character and personality, rendering them perfectly imperfect. In our workshops, we carefully renew and redesign each piece by hand, breathing new life into them so that they may once again serve, as stunning, functional furniture or decor. They are reworked to perfection. After being reimagined, repurposed, and revived, they are soon to be cherished and admired once more. 


Many of these relics hold not only a great historical importance but they’re also often cherished, having a significant personal-value to both us and our clients. When a connection is made, often through learning about the fascinating history behind a piece or the meticulous restoration process needed to revive it, a remarkable bond is formed. Initially driven by curiosity and joy, this bond evolves and deepens, instilling a profound sense of pride in ownership and an enduring appreciation for the craftsmanship involved. We’ve been told, and must admit ourselves, that it becomes both an intellectual and an emotional attachment, one that makes parting ways particularly challenging when the time comes. Consequently, many of our pieces become treasured family heirlooms, passed down from one generation to the next. This sentiment resonates strongly, especially among individuals or families who possess a genuine appreciation for our shared history and / or just a passion for exceptional design.


In fact, some may even regard these pieces as objects of affection, as the desire to touch, work with, or simply run one’s hand across them becomes irresistible. There is an inherent allure and mystique surrounding many of these items, a rarity in a category where pieces are typically admired for their rugged and sturdy, rough and tough nature. However, through careful design and meticulous rework, each item is crafted to exude its own uniqueness, possessing a distinctive appeal that arouses a curiosity and invites the touch, the use, and the respect it deserves. Each piece hints at a captivating story waiting to be unveiled, to be told, and to be cherished.