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Get Back Inc Salutes The American Mural Project

The American Mural Project is a nonprofit organization with a comprehensive, visionary, and inclusive approach to arts education. Of an unprecedented scale, the organization is creating, right here in Connecticut, the largest indoor collaborative artwork in the world—a mural 120 feet long, five stories high, and up to ten feet deep.

With Get Back Inc’s fidelity to craftsmanship and industrial design, we are particularly drawn to their celebration of American ingenuity, productivity, and commitment to work in this “Art of Work” themed mural which lies at the center of the organization’s educational program.

AMP has worked with over 10,000 kids—or should we say collaborative artists—in diverse communities across the country on projects in their communities to create pieces of the epic mural.

A multi-subject curriculum based on the mural is now in pilot programs in local schools; an online version is in development.

Again something Get Back Inc can get behind is two former mill buildings in Winsted, CT, are being re-purposed to house the mural and an adjacent visitor’s center. The site will serve as a destination point for field trips, guest lectures, and workshops with local artists and artisans, as well as the onsite portion of AMP’s curriculum.

The late Paul Newman talks about The American Mural Project. “It seems to me as though there are too many walls in this country. Too many separations between classes and politicians and to have a Wall of America that really exemplifies the aspirations of all Americans is pretty witty and worthwhile.”—Paul Newman

Get Back Inc has proudly donated several pieces of furniture to The American Mural Project including one of our crank-up dining tables.