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Design Decor Magazine 2023 Outdoor Issue Highlights Why To Get Back

Shehla Lucanera crafted the best profile story ever, after a very memorable and beautifully personal interview with Tim for the Summer 2023 issue of Design & Decor Magazine. She was able to pick up on, not only his heritage, but his rich industry history; his powerful journey and passion which has helped to create an industry icon. Starting with the original inspiration for the business, and his vision for the future of high-end home & office decor, including the company name Get Back Inc. With her own playful header “Get Back Jojo”, she pays tribute to the classic Beatles’ song and the lyrics which speak to that internal burning, a yearning desire “to Get Back to what we once were” (which is so very the Tim Byrne of the 1990’s, and now today, his entire team of craftsmen and artisans share in the same desire – its all about making connections to our past, with the type of things that should last). Then with her lovely opening line, she invites readers in… “Inside the wonderful world of Tim Byrne Founder of Get Back Inc.”

Tim has created his own wonderful world – folks in the industry who know, know of Tim and his most amazing collections of rare vintage industrial Americana, and his world-class Designer Showroom. It is worthy of a journey in person, where you can look, feel and touch the works of art. However, now with the latest, state-of-the-art 360 virtual tour, you don’t have to leave your home/office to peruse his world, or shop his wonders. Shehla is a fabulous writer and a fabulous person… she knows how and why to make the connections that matter. We all loved working with her. Check out the latest profile, and the Virtual Designer Showroom, and you’ll see that she is so right…. Get Back Inc. still shares in that original spirit and Tim & Team still work-hard to showcase the same great qualities – authenticity of character and faith – faith in a lasting & shared-desire to honor our past with & through design, while paying homage to all those who’ve helped to build the industry. You all have helped us to Get-Back to here. To what it once was, and that we love!