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Another Sneak-Peek Into The Workshop & What’s Hot Here…

making of greatness at get back inc - vintage industrial lighting
how master craftsman create beauty at get back inc – the vintage industrial foundry chandelier
the making of greatness = page 2 behind the scenes look at get back inc
Get Back Inc’s Vintage Industrial Foundry Chandelier – A Behind The Scenes Look At The Making of Greatness

In the ever-evolving landscape of high-end designer furniture and décor, one category continues to shine brighter than the rest – lighting. At Get Back, we take pride in curating the most sought-after pieces for our clientele, and today, our spotlight is on the Vintage-Industrial Foundry-Chandelier, a true testament to the enduring allure of design from our industrial age.


Steeped in the rich history of America’s industrialization, this chandelier pays homage to an era defined by ingenuity and craftsmanship. Picture the grandeur of large wooden molds and intricate patterns meticulously crafted to manufacture everything from machinery to locomotives. It’s a nod to “The Gilded Age,” a period cherished by design enthusiasts and history buffs alike. But what truly sets our chandelier apart is not just its historical significance but the meticulous process behind its creation. Join us as we peel back the curtain and offer you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into our workshop.


Come on a journey through time, take a glimpse of the step-by-step process for handcrafting one these masterpieces. From the initial framing using large, round, all-wood, old foundry-pattern (similar to a factory mold used for shaping a product, pouring of molten metal into shaped canister or structure) to the intricate placement of the vintage electrical components, every detail is carefully considered to capture the essence of the era (accurate to the period and “the magic or science” of the time). And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – the old-style metal and glass-jar “explosion-proof” lights, sourced from the relics of bygone factories and mills (a real innovation of the times, advancing factory safety, efficiency & standards).


The vintage industrial style of design for furniture, décor, & lighting has been one of the hottest sectors or niches for the last two decades. As is evident in restaurants and residences alike, from coast to coast throughout the US. We believe it’s here to stay as more than just a trend, for as long as Americans continue appreciating our shared history & celebrating great design.


If the top home-renovation shows or the top design-industry magazines are any indicator, it’s a sector that shall continue to grow in popularity, for many more years to come.  Similar to many of the top “celebrity” designers, we see it as a unique niche, a “more-urban-industrial” category, one with real staying power. It’s a style that can strike the perfect balance between visual storytelling & creating that needed… wow-factor. When done respectfully & authentically, (meaning true to the words “vintage-industrial”) then it’s a style that successfully combines both a hint of education and a splash of elegant problem solving. A genre’ that clearly can work-well and when executed properly, it should subtly or boldly show-off both the benefits of practical design & real functionality (as the classic expression goes – serving both form & function).


It has been and still is a strong design niche today, synonymous with “smart design”, offering effective interior design solutions & exquisite design alternatives for both the home and the office. As a niche, this style definitely “pulls some punches”, working harder (to show what’s behind the curtain), smarter (to use fewer materials where possible), and often… Better for the Business-of-Design (an idiom that speaks to less waste, less glam & less cost). This niche’ still works very-well with ALL of the other modern styles of hot, fashionable, chic interior design & the latest, coolest, contemporary styles of architecture (residentially & commercially).


Next time you eat out just take a minute to look around, I am sure this all-wood, industrial-style foundry-pattern light, with its explosion-proof glass-jar covered bulbs, is very similar to a lot of the other lighting options you’ll see above or around you. The raw, natural, exposed components, and the long industrial iron-chains help to show-off the inner-workings of the design, as well as the inherent strength of the materials used within the structural frame of the light… all very similar design attributes and characteristics, as you’ll see all around you. This Foundry-Chandelier provides all of the necessary light one may need, with an aesthetic that can fit almost any environment yet, it’s a design statement with a story. A piece of American history now repurposed and able to still enlighten folks in more ways than one.


This unique hanging light is handcrafted, made piece-by-piece, and then carefully assembled at our factory here in New England, exactly the same way the old wooden molds were made for the forges, foundries, and plants some 100 years ago, during our Golden-Age of innovation. It’s all our own, an original design, master-crafted & totally authentic to the era. Our commitment to craftsmanship and genuine-quality doesn’t end there. Just like the tradesman that came before us, each chandelier is a bespoke creation, tailored to our client’s unique preferences. Whether it’s the size, quantity of lighting, or choice of materials, no two pieces are alike. It’s still a labor of love, fueled by our passion for design and our dedication to excellence. We hope you have the opportunity to experience the unique, Vintage-Industrial difference …and Get-Back to that time. A time that helps us all to better connect, through better design.


As the second installment in our “Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek” series, this article is just a glimpse into the world of Get Back. For those craving a closer look, we invite you to connect with us. Whether it’s a tour of our workshop or a one-on-one conversation with our Master Craftsmen, we’re here to share our knowledge and expertise with fellow enthusiasts. So, if you’re ready to illuminate your space with a touch of industrial elegance, look no further than our Vintage Industrial Mold Chandelier. Contact us today to embark on a journey through history and design. Let’s create something truly extraordinary, together.