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Whyte & Co. Discuss How The Swing-out Seat Saves Space

Get Back Original Swing-Out Seat Colorful sink manufacturer Whyte & Company put up a nice piece on how “small elements can make a big impact” in kitchen design, especially in urban environments like New York City where apartment space comes at a premium. Among the “hot trends for small space kitchens” they cite The Original Swing-Out Seat saying, “Get rid of your old school dining table and use these space-saving, swing-out bar stools mounted onto your eat-in island for a one-of-a-kind dining experience that will give others tight-space envy.” The Swing-Out Seat is also a time saver for that hustle-and-bustle life of city dwellers—it cuts cleaning time down by not having to move chairs and navigate under the legs with a broom or vacuum. They’re sleek, curved design is just as fabulous as Whyte & Co.’s brilliantly designed retro appliances and beautifully colored sinks. Great design ideas just go so well together.