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Get Back’s Swing-Out Seats on HGTV’s Hot Renovation Show – Fixer To Fabulous

Fixer To Fabulous Design

The Remodeling

The Fabulous Barstools

Get Back Inc Shipment

The Swing-out Seats

“These are made tough!”

hey really hold up to 1,200 lbs

The Final Look (Awesome)

The Reveal (A Truly Fabulous Use of Space)

Get Back Inc. was pleased to have our Swing-Out Seat featured on HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous” as the show opened its second season with a renovation of a family home. Wanting to provide the young family with a soda bar that looks great, without taking-up a lot of space, hosts and remodelers Dave & Jenny turned to the Swing-Out Seat as a stylish space-saving solution. Using wall-mounted seats beneath the bar, they’re not only functional but also stylish, as they were able to match the look and finish to the rest of the house’s “timeless but cool” look. They specifically called attention to the product design (the cast-iron weight & beautiful craftsmanship), which helps to make these bar stools sturdy, safe, & elegant (…in their own words “Wow these babies are made to last”). Best of all, these cool, comfortable seats can remain completely tucked-away when not in use, and then when needed they’re even fun to “Swing-out” in (and for those that need to, they’re even adjustable).

These seats can be seen in some of the world’s finest restaurants, bars, retail establishments, hotels and pubs. They’re the ideal solution for high-traffic environments and in areas where saving space is important, especially in studios, apartments and lofts (they’re even great for the porch or patio bar / BBQ area (handcrafted to work indoors or outdoors). They’re styling fits beautifully within the rustic, country, rough and tough setting (where work-boots and cowboy boots can fit comfortably underneath), or depending on the wood and finish that is selected, the minimal, sleek design of the seat can also add to that beautiful, (Fixer-To) Fabulous style, just as well.