Gramercy Park Hotel’s Get Back Inc Lighting

Gramercy Park Hotel’s Get Back Inc Lighting

Gramercy Park Hotel floor lamp

One of the truly historic landmarks in New York City, Gramercy Park Hotel opened its doors in 1925. Since then, it has hosted some of the world’s most creative minds and distinguished guests: from Humphrey Bogart, Babe Ruth, and John F. Kennedy to musicians like The Beatles, The Clash, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Siouxie Sioux, and U2, giving it the legendary rock-and-roll edge it maintains today.

Back in 2006, Studio 54 co-founder and boutique hotelier Ian Schrager renovated the Gramercy, and its 21st century facelift—with Oscar-nominated director and artist Julian Schnabel as designer—focused on a distinct Renaissance-revival concept incorporating the vivid colors of the era with bold hues on the walls, upholstery, and carpets. Many of the furnishings were specially imported from markets around the world. The result is an ambiance that is regal, relaxed, and transporting. The GPH is now a modern example in the grand tradition of New York hotels, with its custom-designed, handcrafted furnishings and rotating collection of 20th century artwork, including masterpieces from Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.Milk Glass Swing-Out Sconce

Every room features unique luxury fixtures, furnishings, and amenities including what we now call our Gramercy Lamp—so named because our founder Tim Byrne was tapped on the shoulder to create some of his distinctive vintage-industrial lighting for each room. The gooseneck lamp features a cast-iron base and a milk-glass or clam-shell shade. We also make a smaller version of the large swing-out sconce Byrne designed with a milk-glass shade. The sconce is inspired by the Potence Lamp designed by Jean Prouvé in 1950.