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Swing-Out Seats at Tile America

Get Back Original Swing out Seat Black with MahoganyThe Get Back Original Swing-Out Seat is our hallmark product—proudly sand cast and made in America with premium ductile iron. Tile America has used our Modular Shelving System in a number of their stores along with our swing-out seating for kitchen-island store displays. This versatile swing-out seat is a prime example the industrial-modern aesthetic of American furniture. Build these distinctive wall-mounted stools into your vision for a man-cave bar or kitchen-island. Designers have found they are the perfect alternative-seating solution for their commercial projects like beer gardens, communal-dining restaurants, and coffeehouse cafes. The 12” diameter poplar wood seat is left raw for you to finish to your taste, or the finished mahogany is available and recommended for outdoor installations. The cast-iron assembly is painted satin black. Our rule of thumb for spacing is “one seat every two feet.” Stress tested in excess of 1,000 pounds. Spec sheet available upon request. Redolent of the cafeteria tables found in early-20th-century schools and factories, watch the video below for A Brief History of the Swing-Out Seat.