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Swing-Out Seats at Whole Foods Market’s Buffalo Bar 1818 in New York

courtesy of Richard Rockford

Whole Foods Markets have a distinguished record for retail experiments that constantly innovate. They are not afraid to try new ideas and concepts to create store environments that are inviting and fun, and reflect the communities they serve. Whole Foods says they want their stores to become “community meeting places where our customers meet their friends and make new ones.”

One such example is Buffalo Bar 1818—inside their Buffalo, New York, store—reflecting, in their words, “Western New York’s deeply rooted brewing culture through rotating taps of local beer and American fare highlighting local artisanal ingredients.”

Bar 1818’s cozy and comfortable decor features three televisions, a pool table, and a fireplace, and it makes it the perfect place for lunch with co-workers, happy hour with friends or dinner with the family. A diner counter incorporates six of our Get Back Original Swing-Out Seats into its design.

courtesy of Richard Rockford

courtesy of Richard Rockford

This is a prime example of how our swing-out seats can be customized to suit your needs. Reminiscent of the cafeteria tables found in early-20th-century schools and factories. These versatile seats capture the essence of the industrial-modern aesthetic of American furniture.

Build these distinctive wall-mounted stools into your vision for your retail space. Designers have found they are the perfect alternative-seating solution for their commercial projects like beer gardens, communal-dining restaurants, and coffeehouse cafes.